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Mission Space Sex
It is difficult to think of any new and exciting place for humans to have sex. We pretty much did it everywhere on the planet Earth. According to Elon Musk the next planet we can sexually settle is planet Mars. Huge...
Dead Butt Syndrome a.k.a the Office Butt.
I am a butt obsessed, always have been and always will be. More than 20 years ago I created Tonique method that focuses solely on building a strong and well defined butt. During my office years, I have been always...
Normalizing Blow Job
Call it as you wish — oral sex, fellatio, head, deep throat or simply blow job - this playful act of kissing has been done by humans since the beginning of time. Blow job happens to be one of those...
Sex Advice from Samantha Jones
Sex and the City stands for sex, shoes and truly amazing style created by one and only costume designer Patricia Field. For six years, girls and boys, women and men around the world tuned in to watch Sex and the...
Women in Art
Art expresses all aspects of life - birth and death, love and hate, wars and religious ceremonies, royalties and pleb, families, men and women. Throughout the history women and their beauty, their bodies in particular have become artists’ obsession. Celebrating...
Best Sex Movies of All Times
Emma Stone's Poor Things give sex a major spotlight, and the audience loves it, especially when it comes to the liberation of sex and nudity on a big screen. Since its beginning, cinema made sex central to the plot, in...
Sex in the Village.
The West Village, a neighborhood with many of the most expensive properties in Manhattan, also has some of the most attractive people strolling the streets, which you are most likely missing because your eyes are glued to your phone.  If...
Dirty Talking
Dirty talk is about words and sounds that arouse you and your partner. Dirty talk increases arousal and sexual pleasure. It can be a single word or a combination of words and phrases that describe desires, give feedback on pleasure...
Mile-High Club
Are you a member of the mile-high club? Several years ago, I was asked if I belonged to the mile-high club and my obvious answer was no. Then, I asked which airlines offered such memberships! I guess I was innocent back then....
Sex Outside the Bedroom
Many couples daydream about having sex outside the bedroom, but few actually take actions to do so. The bedroom is a safe space, a private sanctuary where we play and rest, and it naturally sparks the sex drive…but not for...
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