8 Sexy movies to watch this winter

Regardless of whether you’re planning a steamy night in with your partner or a solo chill with some top-notch eye candy, finding a stash of good sexy movies always feels like hitting the jackpot. But let’s get real, the streaming search options aren’t always super effective, and sometimes it can just feel easier to go to your favorite streaming site with a title already in mind. 

We’ve gathered together some of the most popular trending hot movies, as well as a few classics. From European erotic movies to blockbuster hits that happen to star hot people getting it on, they’re all here. The movies are listed by theme, so you can find whatever you’re in the mood for - they’re NSFW, so viewer discretion is advised...

Modern stories



Netflix synopsis: Martin and Gabi try to form a relationship after meeting through a hookup app, but they seek an unconventional solution when boredom creeps in.

Why you’ll love it: Let’s get real, dating apps have their place, but they’re not without their flaws. Newness explores the complexities of modern dating without getting deep. It’s fun, it’s sexy, and it’ll make you realize your online dating fails are more common than you could have imagined.

Someone Great

Someone Great

Netflix synopsis: On the heels of a blindsiding breakup, music journalist Jenny braces for a new beginning -- and one last adventure with her closest friends.

Why you’ll love it: A lesson in putting yourself first, this is the perfect movie if you're looking for a sexy movie to watch on your own this winter. After being dumped by her boyfriend, because he doesn’t want to try long-distance, Jenny spends her last weekend in New York making the most of being single. Someone Great documents Jenny’s fun-filled and very sexy last weekend in the city.

For lovers of the finer things

High Society

High Society

Netflix synopsis: A deputy curator of a chaebol-funded art gallery and her husband, a politically ambitious economics professor, will do anything to join the über-elite.

Why you’ll love it: If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the elite are not immune to scandal! High Society explores the lengths the Korean elite will go to in order to climb up the social ladder. It’s sexy, dramatic, packed full of beautiful people, and there are no holes barred.

Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread

Netflix synopsis: A fashion designer is drawn to a waitress, who becomes his model, muse, and lover. With time, their relationship grows in intensity — and strangeness.

Why you’ll love it: Set in the 50s, Phantom Thread combines a stunning cast and a great plot. A story of how lust can distract even the most focused minds, the movie captures the 1950s beautifully, offering insight into the high society of the era alongside a burgeoning relationship.

For the rom-com lover

Single All The Way

Singel All the way

Netflix synopsis: Peter asks his best friend to pose as his boyfriend on a Christmas visit home, but their plan — and feelings — change when his family plays matchmaker.

Why you’ll love it: Okay, so it’s technically a holiday movie, but it’s still winter, so… Single All The Way is a classic romantic comedy, friends pretend to be a couple, chaos ensues. They end up finding themselves. It’s cute. It’s heartwarming, and it makes you feel good. 

Still Out of My League

Out of my League

Netflix synopsis: After breaking up with her dreamboat, Marta finds love with an artist. But life throws a few twists into the mix for the ailing woman and her friends.

Why you’ll love it: Another classic romantic comedy, but this one is definitely steamier. Still Out of My League beautifully explores the exciting early stages of a relationship, before following the main protagonist, Marta, as she navigates the obstacles her new relationship faces.

Controversial sexy movies


Love movie

Youtube synopsis: One January 1st in the morning, the phone rings. Murphy, 25, wakes up surrounded by his young wife and two-year-old child. He listens to his answering machine. In the message, Electra’s mother asks him, very worried, if he has not heard from her long-lost daughter. During a long rainy day, Murphy will find himself alone in his apartment to remember his greatest love affair, two years with Electra.

Why you’ll love it: The fact that this one isn’t even on Netflix anymore is a testament to just how erotic it is. You can still rent it on YouTube, though… Love documents an American exchange student’s relationships with two Parisian girls. The sex scenes are raw, and nothing is off the table. The movie was initially shot to be viewed in 3D, which honestly might be too much even for the most ardent of erotica viewers.

Below Her Mouth

Below her mouth

Amazon synopsis: An unexpected affair quickly escalates into a heart-stopping reality for two women whose passionate connection changes their lives forever.

Why you’ll love it: Erotic thriller Below Her Mouth centers around an affair between Jasmine and Dallas. Jasmine is living with her fiancée when Dallas decides she wants to win her over. A passionate affair ensues, featuring some of the most controversial sex scenes Netflix has ever hosted. The movie has since been removed from the platform but is still available to stream on Amazon Prime.