Best Sex Movies of All Times

Emma Stone's Poor Things give sex a major spotlight, and the audience loves it, especially when it comes to the liberation of sex and nudity on a big screen. Since its beginning, cinema made sex central to the plot, in some cases sex was the plot and in some cases sex provided the very much needed movie scene to make the movie memorable. Even if you don’t remember the plot, you continue to remember the sex.

We composed the list of some of the best and our favorite sex movies of all times - where sex is the plot.


Belle de Jour 


Belle de Jour is erotic film about a French woman who is unable to be intimate with her husband and decides to become a high class prostitute. For sure will fulfill your sexual fantasy.

Last Tango in Paris 


A couple that conducts an anonymous sexual relationship in an unfurnished apartment in Paris. The film’s portrayal of sexual violence and strange choice for the lubricant. 

Body Heat 


Floridian femme fatale who convinces a lawyer to help her murder her husband.

Risky Business 


Tom Cruise is having sex on an abandoned Chicago L train with a call girl. 



Tampopo  brigs together desire and love for food and sex, and it makes you hungry for both. 

9 1/2 Weeks 


Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger movie features BDSM two decades before we were exposed to it in Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Fatal Attraction 


Steamy one night stand turns into something much less sexy. The movie highlights that sex has consequences.

Basic Instinct 


Sharon Stone’s infamous leg-crossing scene became one of the most provocative shots ever filmed. And she is the beautiful reason behind it.

Boogie Nights  


Marky Mark a.k.a Mark Wahlberg took on the role of a porn star in Paul Thomas Anderson’s matter-of-fact look at the mechanics of porn.

Eyes Wide Shut 


Stanley Kubrick’s deep fantasy sex and orgy scenes made most regular couples feel boring.

Cruel Intentions 


Two manipulative and wayward step-siblings make the ultimate bet to see who can seduce the headmaster's daughter before the start of a new term. 

American Pie 


Jason Biggs is probably not the only actor in Hollywood whose claim to fame comes from having sex with food. His tryst with a pie is iconic move in American cinema.

Y Tu Mama También 


Two friends decide to engage in a sexual relationship with an older woman while on a road trip.



When a young woman takes a job a secretary for a demanding lawyer, she has no idea she's about to embark on a full-time sub / dom relationship. 

Brown Bunny 


The film required Chloe Sevigny to perform unsimulated fellatio on director, costar, and former boyfriend Vincent Gallo and the world absolutely lost it - it was back then - today Bawdy is on the mission to destigmatize blowjobs. Thank you Chloe!

 Brokeback Mountain 


Brokeback Mountain is one of the first mainstream motion pictures to feature a love story and sex scenes between two gay characters. 



The dangerous maze of sexual experiences that range from adolescent sex competitions with strangers on a train to depressively being aroused staring at her abusive father’s dead body. Nymphomaniac magnifies the darkest complexities you usually won’t see, and how destructive it can indeed be to a person.

Stranger by the Lake 


The lead character in this film is so horny that he'll willingly sleep with a guy who he assumes might also be a serial killer.

Blue Is The Warmest Color 


In this iconic exploration of sapphic coming-of-age, Adele meets a young woman with blue hair, who allows her to discover her desires and assert herself as a woman. 

Fifty Shades of Grey 


You can absolutely obsessed about the movie, love it or hate it but Fifty Shades of Grey offers some extremely hot sex scenes.



Love is practically designed to shock the audience, featuring unsimulated sex between the actors.

Call Me By Your Name 


The Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer Italian-set summer romance about a teenage boy who falls in love with his father's apprentice is absolutely electric.



Saltburn is one of the most talked about movies of 2023, especially the focus is on the bath tub scene, and the strangest of all grave humping sex scene.

Poor Things


Poor Things is about sexual freedom, sexual liberation, and life experiences through sex lens.