Bawdy’s guide to the best anal toys

best anal sex toys

Anal sex: whether you already love it or you’re looking to explore something new, toys are a great option to explore new sensations. They’re the perfect way to spice up your sex life as a couple or add something new to your solo playtime. Anal can be somewhat daunting if you’re new to it, so we’re going over some basics of using anal toys before digging into this year’s best sex toys. We’ll look at classic butt plugs and more innovative vibrating anal toys, so you can decide exactly what kind of treats you want to add to your toy box.

How should you use anal toys?

1. Always use lube

    Unlike other body parts, you won’t get more lubricated in your back passage when you’re aroused. So using lube on your toys is always sensible, both to increase pleasure but also to avoid accidentally hurting yourself. If you want to heighten sensations, take a look at CBD-infused lubricant.

    2. Never use DIY toys

      Your body is delicate, so using specifically designed toys is an absolute must. Explore metal or glass toys if you want to try different textures for new sensations. You can even put your existing toys in the freezer to take things next level without accidentally ending up in the ER..!

      3. Keep it clean

        Never go from one hole to another: bacteria can spread fast and lead to uncomfortable infections. Nobody wants that. After you’ve finished using a toy, make sure you clean it with warm water and a toy-specific cleanser, so it’s squeaky clean and good to go whenever you want to use it again.

        4. Try it for yourself

          If you want to try something new, but you’re worried about how you’ll like it, try it alone. Take a relaxing bath or shower, set the scene, and explore your body. There doesn’t need to be any pressure to enjoy it: if you do, great, but if you don’t, you know that particular toy isn’t right for you. Or that anal isn’t for you. Sex should always be about pleasure, so go easy on yourself!

          Bawdy’s favorite anal sex toys

          Now we’ve got the basics covered, let’s get into this year’s hottest anal sex toys.

          1. Budget-friendly


          Booty Call plugs from Satisfyer are a great entry-level toy for exploring what kind of butt stuff you enjoy. They’re small in size and are made from skin-safe silicone so you can have fun with your favorite lube.

          What Satisfyer says about it: “This distinct variety within the Booty Call Plugs set offers three exciting, sensual shapes for all your lovemaking needs. The practical grip and the soft silicone surface ensure carefree and passionate play for easy removal and ecstasy.”

          2. Basic vibrations

          vibrating anal toy

          If you want to try out a vibrating anal toy but don’t want to blow the budget until you know you enjoy how it feels, the Butt Tingler from Lovehoney could be a good bet. It has ten functions to get you feeling just what you want to feel, and comes in 3 different sizes. 

          What Lovehoney says about it: “Toe-curling, spine-tingling orgasms are yours with the intensely gratifying medium T-bar shaped butt plug. With a fulfilling 4.5 inch girth bulb and 10 intense vibration modes, this anal toy is ideal for intermediate players looking for new thrills.”

          3. If you want more
          anal training kit

          b-Vibe’s Training Set is perfect if you enjoy anal and want to explore it more. Go deeper. The set comes with everything you need to try out new sensations. It even comes with a ‘complete guide to anal play’ pamphlet.

          What the makers say about it: “Anal douche? Check. Lubricant applicator? Check. Multiple butt plugs? Check, check, and check. This stellar all-in-one kit from b-Vibe ushers you into the delights of anal play, with a detailed education guide alongside 3 body-safe silicone butt plugs.”

          4. Splash the cash
          luxury anal sex toy

          If you love anal and want to invest in your pleasure, then the Lelo Hugo could be the one for you. The prostate massager is hailed as the most luxurious and effective massager ever made. 

          What SkinStore says about it: “This is the most powerful and most luxurious prostate massager ever made. The remote controlled HUGO is perfectly designed to offer entirely new avenues of sexual satisfaction thanks to two intense vibrating. With 8 settings and exclusive Sense Motion technology, HUGO is all set to become the play partner you’ve been waiting for.”

          5. Something small
          best budget anal beads


          If big toys aren’t your thing, then anal beads may be what you’re looking for. Lovehoney’s Basics range includes a 6-inch set of beads to explore anal sensations.

          What Lovehoney says: “Slide into starter’s anal pleasure with this 6 inch string of 6 smooth PVC beads. Topped with a sturdy finger loop for peace of mind, tease each bead inside your body and enjoy the filling sensation, then intensify your climax with their removal.”

          6. Something big
          large anal sex toy

          The Nexus Revo Extreme is one of the larger anal vibrators on the market. It offers many different vibration combinations and is guaranteed to take your pleasure to the next level.

          What the makers say: “Treat your tush to a surge of satisfaction with the Nexus Revo Extreme. With 6 external vibration modes and 2 bidirectional internal rotation speeds on offer, it combines 34 possible pleasure settings with 6.25 inches of awe-inspiring orgasmic girth.”