Sex Outside the Bedroom

Many couples daydream about having sex outside the bedroom, but few actually take actions to do so. The bedroom is a safe space, a private sanctuary where we play and rest, and it naturally sparks the sex drive…but not for everyone. Sex outside the bedroom is usually spontaneous, triggered by the urge of doing it here and now, and expresses a bit of an animal act and adds a sense of adventure that spices up one’s sex life and can lead to a more adventurous relationship… and no matter what will create great memories. 

Novelty is important to keep things exciting and fresh, so start thinking outside the bedroom mattress. Public spaces like toilettes, dark alleys and cinema theaters at noon are for exhibitionists who get excited by the thrill of getting caught. Below we share some of our favorite places to get you outside the bedroom and add some novelty without going to extremes. 

Classic car sex.

There is something sexy about cars, and sex inside a car or on top of the hood of a car is definitely worth experiencing. The car is the perfect place for a quickie; you can pull over almost anywhere and satisfy the urge. It is ideal for oral sex or sitting on top of your partner and controlling his shift stick. The small space adds extra intimacy, and the restricted movement leads to deeper penetration. 

Dining room table.

The Dining table is inarguably one of the all-time favorite places to shoot movie sex scenes. We call it a fine dining experience for a reason, especially when there is still food on the table. There is plenty of surface to hold on to and most dining tables are the ideal height for play. Next time you are hungry for orgasm, just go for it!

Outdoor shower.

An outdoor shower delivers an après sun erotic experience at its finest. After a day at the beach and that extra dose of vitamin D that makes us extra horny, it is a great time to get wet and dirty. Outdoor showers are our favorite place for outdoor sex. Let the water hit your skin and the sun shine on your face while your partner penetrates your body. Remember to keep it smooth and use an oil-based lubricant like Blow that keeps the water away so you can play better and deeper. 

Al Fresco sex…from the beach to the forest, and open meadows.

Al fresco sex is always a fabulous idea; one that you must experience at least once (hopefully more) in your lifetime. You get to enjoy the luxury of being in nature, with fresh air, an outdoor ambiance from beautiful sky to wind, birds singing and the unforgettable moonlight highlighting your body. Plus, a bit of exhibitionism can add to the excitement.