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Everything to Know About Water Meditation
Are you interested in everything to know about water meditation? We’ll help you break down what it is, how to partake, and how it can change your life!
Types of Body Wash for Every Skin Type
If you’ve been searching for the right type of body wash that will best suit your skin's unique needs, you may have realized that not all body washes are created equal. Some people suffer from dry skin all year long,...
Bawdy of Consciousness
The big impact body wash has on our skin and the environment.
The Trend of Butt Masks: Why It's Worth a Try
We’ve all been there - you see someone walk by and think: that is one fine booty! How do they do it? Can I do it too? Well, yeah! You probably spend a lot of time primping and pampering your...
The Best Clay Masks for Any Part of the Body
When people talk about clay masks, you most likely immediately think of ones for your face, right? These are clearly the most common. Plenty of commercials for day spas show off attractive women with bright green or brown clay on...
Couples Yoga: Building Trust and Intimacy
Are you considering couples yoga to build trust and intimacy? We’re here to help you understand why it works and give you some popular poses for pairs that are sure to bring you closer in more ways than one.
The Benefits of Spending More Time Being Naked
Wearing absolutely nothing (but a smile) is always in fashion! Let's face it: the naked body will never go out of style. We see nakedness, either complete or partial, in magazines, TV shows, commercials, and even for products that have...
Self-Celebration: Celebrating and Owning Yourself
You know the phrase every body is different? Well, it's 100% true! And because you are so beautifully unique, it's time you showed the world what it means to really be you. If you’ve been looking for a few ways...
Make Showering Your Personal “You Time”
Self-care? Yes, please! Self-care is definitely something you need to make time for. And there’s nothing quite like spending some of that time with yourself, your thoughts, and your body in a hot, steamy shower. Most people jump in and...
Being Sexy and Being Confident 101
It’s time to increase your confidence and strut your stuff like never before! We have all the secrets to share, but it all starts with how good you feel in your own skin.
How To Start Loving Your Body
Thanks to the media – from movies and television shows to paparazzi photos and social media accounts – there are so many points of comparison, and it's easy to think that our body doesn't measure up, even though that isn't...
How To Properly Exfoliate For All Types of Skin
When was the last time you exfoliated? If you're like most people, you answered that question with, "What? Do I need to do that?”  The answer is YES! But not to worry, we're going to unveil the mysteries of exfoliation....
How Facials Are Ever-Evolving
Facials have been around for years – decades even, if not centuries. If you go to a spa, you see them listed as an option where a professional facialist performs the procedure. There are facials for just about every type...
Appreciate Your Body Shape and Type
It’s time to appreciate your body shape and type. Learn about the different body shapes, how they change, and how to support your shape throughout life.
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