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BAWDY is clean, empowered beauty (for your butt)

At BAWDY, we’re unapologetic about our mission to celebrate how bootiful your butt is!

We are butt obsessed. We love their individuality and uniqueness, strength and sexiness. It is time we show the butt some love.

Beauty is about highlighting and perfecting your assets, and at BAWDY, we’re all about ensuring you feel confident and love the skin you’re in.

We also discovered that brilliant mothers to be double the pleasure of beauty during a pregnancy and use our masks on their booty and their bump.


BAWDY celebrates ALL butts. Whatever your sex or gender, age or color, if you have scares, stretch marks or cellulite. Your butt rocks; let us help you love it more and embrace its beauty.

Our masks are not going to “fix”cellulite or lift your butt muscles either. (We wish it did! But awesome things happen when you move and we recommend doing glute exercises to build and lift your butt muscles.)

Bottom line: BAWDY Beauty will help perfect the appearance of your skin and will help you to feel yourself.

BAWDY is all about loving your butt’s strength, and embracing its uniqueness. Whatever shape or size it is, enjoy taking care of it with the best of butt beauty and the cleanest butt skincare.

Clean Beauty Only

Because We’re All about that Bass, ‘Bout that Bass, No Toxins

At BAWDY, we are committed to sourcing clean, high-quality ingredients. We make our butt sheet masks from scratch and only choose clean ingredients that are beneficial to you and to the environment.

Imagine all the healthy good stuff you put on your face. Now put it on your butt.

That’s why BAWDY products are clean and cruelty-free. We put an emphasis on natural and naturally-derived ingredients but do use some synthetic ingredients that are highly functional. We assess them for safety before we choose them.

We want you to be safe, clean and booty-ful so that you can feel beautiful inside and out.

Getting to the bottom of things: Our Booty Beliefs

WE BELIEVE BUTT IS THE NEW FACE, AND WE LOVE OUR BUTTS, flaws included. We’re not looking for perfect butts, and don’t obsess over stretch marks or cellulite; we all have them (or we will someday!). Instead, we focus on having fun with our beauty routine.

As the second face of the body, we want you to accept and celebrate your butt. We’re not here to tell you which butt is the best or to hide cellulite and stretch marks. We want you to feel like a badass with a great ass and embrace a full 360 beauty routine for every part of your skin with BAWDY.

Ifs, Ands, and All Butts Welcome

Did you know that the butt is the second feature of the human body that is checked out the most? (The first one is the face, in case you were wondering.) And yet, one of the most looked-at parts of you may be the part you’re least acquainted with.

Butts aren’t going to be left behind in skincare routines, thanks to us, and we’re making it a goal for you to give your butt the care it deserves!

Big, small, flat or freckled, BAWDY is here to empower you to celebrate your booty and all your beauty in a clean, effective, an inclusive regimen.