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BAWDY is clean, empowered beauty

We make sure to have your skincare routine covered beyond your face and ordinary body lotions by bringing some serious love for your butt to your nipples and beyond.

BAWDY Squeeze It Butt Mask

We’ve perfected each CLEAN formulation and we are committed to only sourcing clean, high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients.

We’re UNAPOLOGETIC in our quest for those ‘good feels’ and you should be too! Feel yourself. Touch yourself. Love yourself. Know, embrace, and own that body - every classy curve, sublime stretch mark, beautiful bump, and delightful dimple that makes you, you!

It’s been said that “beauty is pain.” Excuse us while we disagree. Beauty can and should be fun. Our GROUNDBREAKING skincare products are designed to take care of the skin on your most neglected parts - your butt and your nipples.

Our Butt Sheet Masks and Clay Butt Mask are formulated to address the needs and concerns associated with butt skin while our CBD Butt Balm works like an everyday moisturizer that will perfect your natural ass-ets.

Similarly, our Nipple and Areola Stick was designed with everyone’s nipples nourishment in mind and not just new moms who need that extra nipple care but everyone whose nipples get chaffed and dry.

With BAWDY, caring for your other two cheeks and nourishing your nips is all about the ultimate self-care and self-love! You do it for yourself, not for anyone else.

BAWDY is all about loving your body’s strength, and embracing its uniqueness. Whatever shape or size it is, enjoy taking care of it with the best of beauty and the cleanest skincare.

Clean Beauty Only

Because We're All About That Bass, 'Bout That Bass, No Toxins 

At BAWDY, we make all our products from scratch and source only the cleanest, high-quality ingredients that are beneficial to you AND the environment. 

That's why BAWDY products are clean and cruelty-free. We put an emphasis on natural and naturally-derived ingredients but do use some synthetic ingredients that are highly functional. We assess them for safety before we choose them.  

Now, imagine all the healthy good stuff you put on your face. It’s time to treat your “bawdy” with the same love and care

We want you to be safe, clean and booty-ful so that you can feel beautiful inside and out.

BAWDY Clay Mask

Getting to the bottom of things: Our Beliefs

We’re all about having fun with our beauty routine. We’re not looking for perfect butts, nipples or bodies and we certainly don’t obsess over stretch marks or cellulite; we all have them (or will someday!).

We want you to accept and celebrate your bodies. We’re not here to tell you which body part is the best or to hide anything you may consider as a flaw. We want you to feel like a badass with a great ass (and beyond) and embrace a full 360 beauty routine for every part of your skin with us.

The Bottom Line

Butts and nipple care aren’t going to be left behind in skincare routines (thanks to us)! Our goal is to give your butt, nipples and beyond the care it deserves!

BAWDY celebrates all butts and nipples regardless of gender, age, color, shape, condition, or size. We stand with the #FreeTheNipple movement. And BAWDY is here to help you look and feel fabul-ass because body confidence looks dope on everyone.

Go on, rock that BAWDY!

BAWDY Nipple & Areola Stick