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At Bawdy, we’re unapologetic about our mission to create products that allow you to feel free, get naked and to celebrate your body.

Bawdy gives you permission to get naked, relax and talk about beauty routines for body parts that others don’t dare. We want you to activate your senses by self-touch and self-feel. We love your body, and we are butt-obsessed pampering and perfecting your assets, ensuring your body confidence.

Bawdy celebrates every body and butt. Each of our products is formulated to deliver results while providing a sensual and fun experience, creating fulfilling personal moments.

Whoever you are we love your body and embrace its beauty.

All Bawdy's products are clean and conscious beauty, and cruelty-free. We put an emphasis on natural and naturally-derived ingredients. The bottom line is that we want you and the environment to be safe, clean and confident.

We Believe the Butt is the New Face

We celebrate butt beauty, flaws included. We’re not looking for perfect butts, and don’t obsess over stretch marks or cellulite; we all have them (or we will someday!). Instead, we focus on beautifying the butt's delicate skin and making sure you are having fun with your beauty routine.

We want you to feel like a badass with a great ass and embrace a full 360 beauty routine for every part of your skin with Bawdy.

Because butt matters.

Butts aren’t going to be left behind in skincare routines, thanks to us, and we’re making it a goal for you to give your butt the care it deserves.

Big, small, flat or freckled, Bawdy is here to empower you to celebrate your butt and all your beauty in a clean, effective, an inclusive regimen.