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BAWDY. is free of ingredients harming your skin, disrupting your hormonal balance, and polluting environment.

No Alcohols
No Chemicals
No Coal Tar nerve damage and neurological system damage
No DEA skin irritant cancer
No Detergents
No Dibutyl Phthalate toxic, cancer, hormone disruptor
No Formaldehyde highly toxic, cancer
No Fragrance
No Mineral Oils cancer, toxic, pore clogging
No Parabens (Methyl-, Propyl-, Butyl-,Ethyl-Paraben) hormon disrupters , cancer
No Phthalates hormone disruptor, birth defects, reproductive system disruptor, toxic
No Silicones toxic, hormon disruptor
No Sodium Laureth Sulfate toxic for you and environment
No Synthetic Dyes skin irritants
No TEA (Triethanolamine ) hormon disruptor
No Urea irritant, allergic reaction, cancer, hormone disruptor

We use Phenoxyethanol as a preservative that is allowed up to 1% to be present in clean beauty product, our butt masks contain less than 1%.

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