Sex in the Village.

The West Village, a neighborhood with many of the most expensive properties in Manhattan, also has some of the most attractive people strolling the streets, which you are most likely missing because your eyes are glued to your phone. 

If you are searching for love, an exciting conversation with a stranger at the bar or a spontaneous one night stand, the West Village is the place to find it all. The streets are flooded with beautiful people of all ages, which vary depending on the time of the day. And trust me, relationships can be ignited by the simple act of eye contact and a little smile or silent hello.

I have lived half my life in the West Village and enjoy meeting its kaleidoscope of colorful characters and personalities. It truly kills me that most of the hundreds if not thousands of single “villagers” are still looking for their perfect partners online while missing real time opportunities to meet them here in the West Village. 

When you hunt for love or pleasure I believe you must be present, be open minded, spontaneous and open to adventures as well as disappointments. Even disappointments provide entertainment and a usually a good story to share with your friends. Absolutely don’t plan. Your hunt should begin without any expectations but having the best time. 

I suggest that you ditch your phone and the overly filtered and posed dating apps and begin seeking love or sex in the real world. Meet people the old fashioned way, and by the way an Old Fashioned is one of my favorite drinks and Dante serves it just right. Spring is in the air, feel the blooming energy of the West Village and the people who make it the most exciting neighborhood of NYC. Pay attention to a person passing you on the street or standing next to you at Murray’s cheese counter deliberating the extensive cheese selection, or exchange eye contact and conversation with a person grabbing a drink at the local bar.

For villagers, the morning rush often starts with a run or walk along the Hudson River or an exercise session on the Perry Street pier. Yes, it is more difficult for a runner to ask you for your number, but trust me; it has happened to me several times, so don’t cross out the possibility. Daily workout sessions on the Pier expose you to locals of all shapes and ages. All you have to do is to come out on the Pier, commit to your body and share a smile with a person working out next to you. Conversations start naturally, and often lead to an exchange of numbers or instagram accounts. A great part of meeting people this way is that you never know who is who when they are in their workout clothes and so you don’t have any preconceived notions, but a benefit is that you know their flexibility!

Late morning and afternoon coffee breaks create perfect opportunities to meet locals who work from home or in hospitality or entertainment. Opportunities abound at neighborhood institutions like The Elk, where you can meet women in lycra pants sipping their matcha lattes and tech guys with their computers, and at Merriweather and Cafe Kitsune where you can get delicious bites and coffee and run into A listers or Page Six celebrities who comfortably mingle with the rest of us. The relaxed environment is a perfect opportunity for sharing eye contact and sparking a conversation.

At night, the Village is a mecca of endless possibilities. If you are a true Villager you most likely avoid going out on weekend nights as the West Village is swamped with outsiders. The best nights are Mondays through Thursdays, and to be more specific I find Tuesdays and Wednesdays the most entertaining. Depending on your taste in food, drinks and people, I suggest exploring a few locations before ending the night at Employees Only. The place never disappoints anyone in terms of drinks, music and crowd - and outstanding and hot mixologists. 

For those who like elevated luxury, The Golden Swan, the newest resident inside the former space of the West Village institution, The Spotted Pig. The bar offers intimate elegance and attracts a more sophisticated crowd yet unpretentious, witty and creative. You will often run into people from your neighborhood whose faces you have known for years but have never spoken with. The polar opposite is The White Horse Tavern, in which you feel the energy from the moment you step inside. The place is filled with men, it is like a stable of different breeds. The Little Branch is for jazz and cocktail lovers - when packed it can feel a little claustrophobic but you won’t be disappointed. For late night drinks and a small bite at the bar, go to Joseph Leonard or Buvette; both places are perfect for singles to dine alone and find a partner to chat and continue the night. If you are pizza lover, the line at L’Industria Pizzeria is so long that they serve wine while you wait on the street and it gives you at least 30 minutes to share your life story with strangers who are open to casual bites. It is astonishing how many people meet on this line and end up sharing a slice of pizza as their unofficial first date.  

Finally, if you are true villager, don’t underestimate the Hudson Street post office! The wait in the long lines are an opportunity to meet your neighbors or find a hot date for the week - just open your mouth and say hello.