Bawdy’s Guide to Shower Sex

As much as the idea of shower sex is hot and steamy, it can be pretty unpleasant in practice! From dealing with slippery surfaces to getting cold when you’re not under the stream of water, there are more pitfalls to shower-based sexy time than when you’re trying to get it on in other parts of the house. To help you find ways to enjoy hot and steamy sex in the shower, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular shower sex positions to try next time you want to get wet and wild. Before we dig in, here are our top 3 tips for successful water-based fun:


1. Choose your lube carefully

Logic would dictate that shower sex would be more slippery and lubricated than sex on dry land, but water can actually dry you out. So, you’ll generally find that lube is needed to make things comfortable. Silicone-based lubricants are usually preferable because they don’t just wash away with water, unlike oil or water-based products. Given how slippery bathrooms can be, you’ll want to be careful to avoid getting too much on the floor. You don’t want an impromptu trip to the ER instead of enjoying your sexy time!

2. Take stock of the space

    A few of the positions we’ve recommended rely on you having somewhere to rest your feet, like the edge of a tub or a shelf in your shower. If you don’t have either of these – and you have some space – you can put a plastic stool or chair in your bathroom instead. Just make sure it’s nice and steady!

    3. Upgrade your shower space

      Either invest in some home improvements to make shower sex more enjoyable (double shower head, anyone?) or check out your hotel or Airbnb’s shower facilities carefully before booking your next trip.

      Bawdy’s top 9 shower sex positions

      1. Standing Ovation

        This one is best for those of you who have a seat in your shower because it takes a decent amount of upper body strength and the last thing you want is someone to end up getting dropped… Potential injuries aside, accidents are a buzzkill. For this position, you’re going to want your partner to pick you up, and push your back against the wall. They’ll be facing you, and you can wrap your legs around their waist as they enter you. 

        2. The Flamingo

          If balance isn’t your partner’s strongest point, then this one might be a better option for you while still making the most of a face-to-face position. This time you’ll stand facing each other, with one of you going up on your tiptoes while the other partner gets to work. You can lift one leg and lean it on a seat in your shower or the edge of your tub for balance.

          3. Wet Cowgirl

            A fresh take on the regular (dry?) cowgirl. This bedroom classic is bound to make a splash for both you and your partner. Have your partner sit on a shower seat or on the tub’s edge. Sit on their lap facing them, and enjoy. If you fancy switching things up, you can change positions and look away from them instead.

            4. Pick me up

              This one’s nice and steady, and with a bit of luck, you’ll both be under the showerhead so no one will get cold. If you get head rushes from bending over for too long, this one might not be for you… Or maybe it would add to your overall experience. You’re going to want to have your partner stand behind you. Then, bend forward as though you’re picking something up from the floor, then have fun. 

              5. The Big Spender

                This is one for those of you who have a big luscious shower. Take the complications out of shower sex and lay on the floor! Have your partner behind you or facing you, and enjoy the warmth of the water as you get down to business.

                6. The Playful Duo

                  If the actual sex part of shower sex feels like too much of a headache, then consider mutual masturbation instead. Explore what you both enjoy talking dirty to each other while enjoying a hot and steamy shower.

                  7. The YES

                    Getting down on one knee isn’t only for proposals! This stable position is perfect for avoiding the slipping hazards that come with riskier sex in the shower positions. You will need to both get down on one knee, facing each other. Make sure you’re each bending opposite knees so that you can get close enough to one another. 

                    8. The Gymnast

                      This one isn’t for the faint-hearted, and you definitely want to make sure the shower isn’t too slippy before attempting it – you’ve been warned! For this position, you will start standing with your partner behind you. Then, bend down as though you’re picking something up off the floor. Once you’re steady, lift one of your legs to a standing splits position. If you can master it, it’ll blow your mind (and theirs)!

                      9. Slip and Slide

                        If oral is your jam, then you’re going to love this one. Have your partner kneel in front of you and let them go to town. If you can, place one of your feet on the edge of the bathtub, on a shelf, or showered seat for maximum pleasure. When you’re ready, switch positions. This is a great one if your bathroom is chilly, because you’ll both be able to stay under the water.