Mission Space Sex

It is difficult to think of any new and exciting place for humans to have sex. We pretty much did it everywhere on the planet Earth. According to Elon Musk the next planet we can sexually settle is planet Mars. Huge thanks to Elon's efforts to try to get us on Mars in the very near future - 2024 might be the year but there are few things we need to learn to overcome once we get there - like gravity and blood pressure. I bet that once we get there we will naturally figure it out.

The fun question is who will be the first to sex in space? Or perhaps has anyone done it already? Any horny astronauts out there to share the experience? For now we can enjoy watching space sex on the big screen, being seduced by Barbarella, Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers, or very erotic sex scenes in Supernova - and keep achieving galactic orgasms on the planet Earth.