Dead Butt Syndrome a.k.a the Office Butt.

I am a butt obsessed, always have been and always will be. More than 20 years ago I created Tonique method that focuses solely on building a strong and well defined butt. During my office years, I have been always focused on not losing what have been working on so hard for so long - my butt! My bathroom breaks were spent squatting 30 - 100 times per each break, and I have been standing up every time when on a call to give my butt a break from sitting down. Long flights are also filled with 100s of squats in bathrooms or between tiny airplane corridors. The goal is to fight the DBS - trust me hard work pays off. I consider butt the most beautiful and most powerful part of our body, and because it is the biggest muscle in our body we need to keep using in order for the rest of the body to function properly.

What is DBS?

Dead butt syndrome also known as the office butt refers to flat, pancake like butt and zero muscle tone in your buttocks. The dead butt syndrome is caused by lack of movement - sedentary lifestyle, not engaging the butt muscle in daily activities, lack of butt focused exercises and prolonged sitting which leads to flattening it.

Forget the unattractive pancake butt look, the condition can pose serious medical issues. The butt is your core ( not your abs ) responsible for supporting the pelvis and keeping your entire body properly align, balanced and strong. The strength of your butt is responsible for your posture, confident walk and definitely helps you to be faster and stronger runner.

How can you reverse the dead butt syndrome?

In most cases DBS can be reversed. The prescription is simple - sit less, move more, exercise your butt daily. There are no miracle creams and treatments for walking up the lazy, asleep butt muscle - and stop dreaming about strong and round butt after just 3 sessions of Emsculpt - the treatment doesn’t work without your commitment to movement! Your best bet are endless squats and lunges, preferable weighted or done with a resistance band, taking stairs, and long walks or runs. You need a daily burn to wake up your sleepy glutes and build your dream butt.

And don't forget the butt facials as part of your butt beauty routine with Bawdy Butt Masks.