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Meet Sylwia Wiesenberg butt lover, beauty industry disruptor, and all-around badass woman. Life lover.

Born in Poland, since her early age Sylwia traveled and lived all over the world in pursuit of exciting career opportunities and fascinating adventures. After stints in Australia, London, and Italy, she landed in New York City, she quit her financial job to express her true passion and love for wellness and beauty! Her mission: making women feel and look strong and confident.

A dedicated gymnast and athlete, Sylwia has always been in awe of butts:  their strength, their power, their beauty, as well as their ability to define  the way we move, and in her words their personality - every butt has its own individuality and uniqueness. 

She believes that butt is the new face, and butt beauty is about confidence and feeling empowered to love yourself from top to bottom.

Sylwia is also the founder of DOPE Naturally and Tonique Fitness.