Extra Firm Body,
Super Tight Ass

The game changer super tightening duo boosts your body confidence.
Time to Extra Firm

The Bawdy Oil amplifies your every day moisturizing experience, extra firm your body and uplift your mood. Powered by sensual blend of 300mg full-spectrum organic CBD oil and nutrient-rich botanicals.

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Be a Tight Ass

Introducing Super Tight, a body serum that will leave your skin feeling "held-in" and looking instantly toned and smooth.

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The Original Butt Mask

We created the butt mask for the delicate skin of your butt. Level up your beauty routine.

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The Bawdy Wash: Get Dirty, Get Wet.

Activate powder-to-foam formula with water and your touch. Made for more sensual showers.

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Butt Obsessed

Level up your booty care. The delicate skin on your butt deserves the same kind of attention you give your face.

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