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    Your butt deserves the same care and attention your face gets in your beauty routine. That’s why BAWDY’s butt masks are here. We can bring your derrière that toned, hydrated skin that it deserves. The fun you’ll have using our products + the effective, clean, all natural ingredients will leave you with the glow of self-confidence and a spring in your step.


    We can’t keep our hands off our phones. But what about our own bodies? Your butt is envious of the digital bodies you’re touching. So--feel yourself instead.


    Your butt deserves VIP care, and you deserve your best butt.

  • "...after removing my mask, the effect was tremend-ASS. I'd gotten the same effect as the lotions, but my hands didn't get covered in sparkles this time. My butt looked moisturized and as delicious as the peach emoji. I could feel the hydration, and the glow can only be compared to Jennifer Lopez's glitter in the music video for "Waiting For Tonight."

    — Amanda Mitchell, Marie Claire

  • "The credit for changing the discourse goes to pioneering brands like Bawdy Beauty, maker of the original butt mask"

    — Beauty Independent

  • "Something I try to do once a week that makes me feel empowered and in control of my well-being is, putting on a face mask and a butt mask. I know it sounds crazy but look into it. Butt masks are supposed to firm your butt and they actually work. When I’m done, I feel hot"

    — Andrea Russett

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