Dirty Talking

Dirty talk is about words and sounds that arouse you and your partner. Dirty talk increases arousal and sexual pleasure. It can be a single word or a combination of words and phrases that describe desires, give feedback on pleasure that is happening, or share fantasies. You can use dirty talk in different situations, like foreplay, during sex, during masturbation or it can be beneficial in long-distance relationships. This sexual technique is a key component of BDSM culture, in which the dominant partner uses dirty talk to arouse and dominate the submissive partner.

Who and when should do the talk?

Dirty talk is a matter of choice. Some like it and use it to openly share feelings and fantasies. For others, it takes time and most likely develops when sexual confidence and trust are gained. And there are some people who find dirty talk unpleasant and unnatural - and that is fine too. Do whatever works for you and your partner.

Recent studies indicated most people enjoy a little dirty talk, so if you have never tried spicing up your intercourse with a bit of dirty talk, perhaps its worth considering. 

Begin with single words like yes, more, harder etc., then add moaning and sounds that are associated with pleasure as they can help to activate sex functions in the brain. 

Start talking but keep listening, sex relaxes the body and mind, and can make you feel less self-conscious and more capable of speaking openly about your deepest fantasies, desires and kinks. Dirty talk is a great way to explore role play.

The studies also have shown that dirty talk outside of the bedroom works wonders to stimulate couples' sex life. If you introduce dirty talk in the un-self-conscious, candid space that is the bedroom, then youre far more likely to feel comfortable broaching the matter in other walks of life—which can be a particularly fiery turn-on and a way of instigating sex without being, well, unsubtle. 



Five Tips for Dirty Talk.

Use your senses. 

Make sure to tap into everything that you and your partner are feeling at that moment. Share your physical experience, what you are smelling, tasting and hearing. Be creative and tell your partner how good they smell or taste. You can also describe how you feel or what you like with a statement like I love playing with your balls or I love the way you smell or taste.


It is an art but when mastered it works magic. Before or during foreplay, tease your partner verbally, let them know what you would like to do to them and vice versa. Verbal teasing creates the perfect visual to build anticipation.

Affirm your partner. 

Use words to control the power play.

Don’t forget to ask questions. 

Asking questions like what is your fantasy? Or how do you want me? These are foolproof questions to make sure you know exactly how to please your partner while getting creative with dirty talk.

Laugh it off. 

Dirty talk can get weird and ruin your sex, even for the most experienced talkers. Best advise it to laugh things off and move to the next position and enjoy talking.