How to improve your sexual wellness

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Whether you’ve been with your partner for a long time, you are dating and meeting new people, or you are flying solo, checking in with your sexual wellness can help you take your sex life to the next level. It’s easy to neglect your sexual wellness, to forget that sexuality is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. But we’re going to help you take stock of where your sexual wellbeing is at right now and what you could do to make some changes and add some fun and excitement to your sex life. 

After looking into what sexual wellbeing actually is, we’ll give you our top tips for switching things up and indulging in some you time with a partner or by yourself. Finally, we’ll go over why taking care of your sexual wellbeing is so important (hint, it can help you be happier and feel more fulfilled).

What is sexual wellbeing?

Sexual wellbeing doesn’t come with a standard definition. Mostly because sexuality is such an individual part of people’s lives: what’s ‘normal’ for one person wouldn’t be for the next. When we’re talking about sexual wellbeing, we’re referring to how much enjoyment you get from sex, how well your needs are being met, and whether or not you feel like you have a healthy relationship with yourself and with your partner or partners.

Times when you might want to check in with your sexual wellness include changes in your libido, if you’re struggling to climax, or if you feel like you’re not getting what you want from sex. It’s important to remember that as your relationships and tastes change, things you once loved might not do it for you anymore, and trying new things - as long as everyone involved is down to try - is never a bad thing!

How can you improve your sexual wellness?

We’ve gathered together our favorite ways to check in with your sexual wellness and explore new things to be your best self when it comes to sex:

  1. Create a safe space – we’re not talking sex dungeons (I mean, if that’s your style, then a sex dungeon fits within this category). We’re talking about creating a space at home where you can relax and indulge. Leave your phone outside, gather anything you need for playtime (toys, lube, props) and give yourself time to have fun.
  2. Explore massage – with a partner or alone, take time to massage your body. Find places that feel good. Add in some oil, we love the Bawdy Oil for massages with CBD to help your muscles relax and really become immersed in the moment.
  3. Let your imagination take over – forget porn, erotica is where it’s at if you want to get out of a rut. Let your imagination fill in the blanks and give yourself the chance to discover new things to add to your bedroom bucket list. 
  4. Learn something new – the internet is full of places to learn more about your sexuality and how to pleasure yourself and your partner or partners, from massage techniques to how your body actually makes sex feel good. If you feel like your sex life needs some TLC, take time to go back to the classroom and learn about how your body works and how to make it feel good. Chances are, you’ll actually enjoy doing your homework this time around!
  5. Check-in with your health – if you’ve seen a change in your libido, or if your struggling with dryness or discomfort when you’re having sex, then checking in with your doctor might be a good idea. There are tons of treatable conditions that can change how you’re feeling about sex, from depression and anxiety to hormone imbalances. 

Why is sexual wellbeing important?

If you’re reading this thinking, ‘ok, but where do I start’? Start by setting aside half an hour to touch your body. If you can get your hands on a good quality oil-based lube beforehand, all the better. But simply taking a moment to feel your body and learn – or relearn – what feels nice is a great starting point. Go slow, be gentle with yourself, and try to be open-minded: you never know what you might find you love!

Sexual wellbeing is about relationships. First and foremost, your relationship with yourself, how you can spend time with yourself, indulge in your desires and fantasies. Once you’ve balanced things with your sexual wellbeing, you will be able to be your best self with your partner or partners, and generally in life more widely. When a part of your life is out of kilter, you usually find that other aspects of your life feel off-balance. There’s such a massive focus on wellbeing at the moment, and it’s important to remember that your sexuality is part of your overall health as much as mindfulness and physical wellness are.