11 Best Sex Toys and Accessories for Her

best sex toys and accessories for her

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned expert or a sex toy newbie, shopping for toys is like looking for that very special needle in a haystack. There are so many options, so many different designs, functions, materials… It can feel super overwhelming. But ultimately, it’s supposed to be fun. So, we want to help you bring fun back into the bedroom with our ultimate guide for toys and accessories for her. Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone you love, we’ve got things covered.

We’re starting off with sex toys, the purchase your mind probably goes to when you think about spending money on pleasure. But we’re delving deeper than that, and looking at the accessories you can buy to make your enjoyment more intense and your alone time even more special. From lubes to sex journals, these are our favorite sex toys and accessories for her.

Best Sex Toys

Whether you’re looking for a new favorite or something fun and different to try out, take a look through our top five toys for her and get ready to have some mind-blowing fun: 

1. Crave Bullet - bullet vibrators are a classic for a reason. They’re small, discrete, and get the job done. A far cry from basic bullets, Crave’s 24ct gold plated bullet adds a bit of glamor to the affair by looking and feeling super luxurious. Think of it as the grown up version of your college bestie.

crave bullet sex toy

2. Ose 2 - is reported to be the closest thing you can get to the sensation of human touch… without a human. The clitoral stimulator sucks and strokes while the G-spot massager creates opportunities for blended orgasms galore. Best of all, it can double up as a couple’s toy.

ose 2

3. LELO Sila - this sonic clitoris massager takes sex toys to new heights. It uses pulsated air to take you over the edge without being harsh on your delicate lady parts. Unlike models with smaller openings, Sila’s wide mouth allows for stimulation far beyond just the clitoris.

4. Vesper Necklace - if you want to feel extra naughty, why not wear your vibrator as a piece of jewelry? The exhilaration of being in public knowing that your new favorite sex toy is right there hanging around your neck can create just the right kind of tension before a steamy solo session. The now-infamous Crave Vesper looks like a piece of fine jewelry but packs a punch when it comes to playtime.       

vesper sex toy

5. MysteryVibe Crescendo - its flexible shaft makes it one of the most versatile toys on the market. It offers strong vibrations with multiple settings to suit everyone’s tastes. If you’re thinking of exploring anal toys but don’t want to commit to something butt-specific, then this could be a great place to start. 

MysteryVibe Crescendo

Intimate Accessories

When it comes to indulging in your intimate time, toys aren’t the only thing that can make things memorable. Adding in other treats can take things to the next level, whether it’s special lingerie or luxury lube. Here are our favorite bedroom accessories for extra-special alone time.

6. Agent Provocateur lingerie - if you want to splash out, the OG in luxury underwear is the place to go. We often think of lingerie as a treat for someone else, but you can totally get dressed up for a solo session, too! If you’re after a treat on a budget, keep in mind that they often hold really good seasonal sales. 

Agent Provocateur lingerie

7. Blow by Bawdy - if you’re after an unparalleled bedroom experience, then add Blow to your toy box. The full-spectrum organic CBD lubricant has been specifically formulated to be ingestible. It’s the perfect lube for solo play or to have fun with someone else. blow oral lubricant bawdy beauty
8. Liberator Fascinator Throw - designed specifically to be both comfortable and very effective at wicking away… fluids. It makes cleanup easy and adds an extra layer of decadence to the experience. It’s a great accessory whether you’re having fun with a partner or alone – especially if you’re adding toys into the mix! 
Liberator Fascinator Throw
9. A Sex Journal by Levina Li & Caleb Spaulding - created to help couples have an open dialog about their sex lives. The sex journal is designed to help you think about what you discovered during a session and discuss what you liked, so you can have fun exploring while keeping notes of what you enjoy. Best of all, you can adapt it to your solo sessions too. 
A Sex Journal by Levina Li & Caleb Spaulding

10. Uvee toy cleaner - keeping things clean is crucial for having fun. And as popular as regular cleaning gels and wipes are, the Uvee cleaner takes things to the next level. It uses the same ultraviolet technology to kill harmful germs as your dentist uses for their metal tools… Do with that what you will… Not only that, it’s designed to charge toys while they’re cleaned, so you can get on with having safe, clean fun at home. 

Uvee toy cleaner
11. Femme by Sensual Candle - formulated to set the tone for a sexy night in, the candle has tones of white peach, orange, and champagne. They’re designed to help you indulge in alone time by making it into a self-care ritual. No rushing, just taking your time to enjoy your own company and explore new sensations. 
Femme by Sensual Candle