Bawdy’s guide to the 15 best Valentine’s Day gifts in 2022

It might feel like we’ve only just gotten over the holidays, but the time has already come to start shopping for the most romantic day of the year. Forget the far-too-common box of chocolates and go for something a little more out there this year with our Valentine’s gift guide. Full disclosure, the second half of this post is NSFW, so it’s probably best to save this one and read it once you’re on your own device. Now that’s out of the way, here’s what we’ve got in store for you: we’re starting with cute gifts you could definitely let your SO open in public. They’re broken down into gifts for him and gifts for her. But let’s get real, they’re great gifts for whoever you want to gift them to. Then, we move on to some more risqué gifts to share, from a gift that helps you give the best head ever to a supplement that will make you want to spend all night loving. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got your Valentine’s covered. 

Valentine’s gifts for him

1. For the man whose love language is words of affirmations

soundwave print

Buy your lover a sound wave print. The Etsy seller allows you to use any song, soundbite, or custom recording and turns it into an aesthetically pleasing print. Record yourself saying something cute (or naughty, it’s up to you!)

2. For the man who’s into self-care

better world candle

Gift a Better World Fragrance House candle that comes with a gold pen to personalize it with his name, nickname, or anything else you fancy telling him via a candle.

3. For the man who likes things spicy

hot ones hot sauce

Spice up your Valentine’s dinner – in a culinary way – with the Hot Ones Season 15 Trio Pack. Bonus points if your love is a pop culture fan, he’ll definitely have watched at least one Hot Ones interview in his time!

4. For the man who enjoys snuggling


nilaa linen classis sheets

Give the gift of a cozy bed with Nilaa’s Linen Classic Sheet Set. They’re cooling while being comfortable and come in a bunch of colors to suit your man’s interior design taste. 

5. For the many who spends hours at his desk

office desk chair

Make working from home less of a pain with your Valentine’s gift this year with the FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair

Valentine’s gifts for her

1. For the lady who loves to soak

oaui chill pills

OUAI Chill Pills bath bombs create the most indulgent bath going. Their mix of jasmine and rose scent and hemp seed oil makes for the perfect way to wind down in the tub, if you’re lucky she might let you join her.

2. For the sentimentalist

handwriting bracelet

If you’re looking for a gift that will make her go ‘aww’ then IME Silver’s handwriting bracelet will be exactly what you’re looking for. They’ll make anything you write into a bracelet so she can wear your handwriting every day. You can have fun with the message too…

3. For the lady who knows her food

murrays cheese

The Murray’s Cheese Cheeses of the World is the perfect way to mix your lover’s liking for a cheesy gift, all while taking her on a trip around the world. Add in some good wine, and you’ll be all set for a romantic evening in. Some cheese contain aphrodisiacs, just FYI…

4. For the lady who’s chasing her goals

restore sleep assistant

Help her get the most out of her day every day by gifting her next bedroom bestie (and no, we don’t mean a toy). The Restore Smart Sleep Assistant lamp guides you to sleep and gently wakes you up, so you get the rest you need to bring your a-game. 

5. For the lady who loves blooms

matilda bloom box

Forget a boring bouquet, get your love flowers delivered every month with Matilda’s Bloombox. Not only can you set up monthly deliveries, but your giftee can explore floristry and design arrangements to suit her style.

Sexy Valentine’s gifts to share (this is where things get spicier)

1. For the couple who want to try something new

bawdy blow intimate lubricant

Bawdy Intimate’s Blow is a CBD and CBG oral lubricant designed to take oral to the next level. Use it to massage and play with your partner while relaxing with the natural benefits of organic cannabis oil. 

2. For the couple who like to play

love honey weekend kit

Stock up on new toys with Lovehoney’s Wild Weekend kit, which includes 11 of their most popular toys. Perfect for spending a night – or weekend – together exploring new sensations.

3. For the couple who like to go public

bangle handcuff bracelet

If you like getting flirty in public Unbound’s Bangle Handcuff Bracelets are designed to be worn as a piece of jewelry in public before being turned into handcuffs once you’re somewhere more private.

4. For the couple who enjoy the build-up

moon juice sex dust

Add some Sex Dust by Moon Juice to your favorite drink and wait for the blend of Shatavari, Shilajit, Epimedium, Schisandra, Cacao, and Maca to boost your energy levels and creativity, leading to next level play. 

5. For the couple who are hands-on

maude burn

Turn your candlelit dinner into a sexy massage with maude’s Burn no. 1 soy massage oil candle. The luxury scented candle blends notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean, and Medjool date. Once the candle has melted, use the pour the oil onto your partner for a massage like no other.