Bare skin is IN! What products make your face glow?

How to get your skin ready for spring 2022

Skincare has been in the spotlight for the last few years, and getting your glow on when it comes to makeup is nothing new. But we're moving beyond that and going deeper, if you will, and looking at how we can confidently join the inescapable bare skin trend for 2022. Even global fashion houses are leaning into the emphasis on skincare; instead of viewing bodies as canvases, designers appreciate that skin is art in itself and doesn't always need to be covered up to make it look better. So, with your skin likely to be increasingly on show next year, how can you start prepping now? We're giving you our favorite skincare tips to get your skin looking its very best, so you're ready to show it off when the time comes.

What products make your face glow?

Dermatologists unanimously agree that sunscreen is an essential step in any skincare routine: not only will it help your skin look more luminous now, but it will also keep it healthy and youthful for years to come. Dull skin can result from older skin cells, so exfoliating is a good bet when it comes to improving the intensity of your glow. Generally, for your face, you'll want to favor chemical exfoliation over physical options because chemical exfoliants like AHAs are much kinder to the skin

Whether we're talking about your face or your body, glowing skin can always get a helping hand from cosmetics too. There are tons of amazing products out there that help you get a gorgeous dewy glow. For example, for the face, consider the ILIA Illuminator, which comes in a range of shades that suit most skin tones. For your body, Lush' Feeling Younger is perfect for adding some glow to your skin. You would usually want to place a highlighter where light would hit, so apply this on your cheekbones, collarbones, shoulders, etc.

If you're still struggling to get that brightness despite following a good skincare routine and selected products, work from the inside out and increase your intake of nutritious and fresh whole foods. Lawrence E. Gibson, M.D. told the Mayo Clinic that some foods that can help your skin glow include apricots, carrots, spinach, berries, and other fruits and vegetables. That’s good news for us, as we love getting our fruits and veg first thing in the morning with a gorgeous glowing skin smoothie. 

Which skincare is best for glowing skin?

The concept remains the same when it comes to the skin on the rest of your body vs. your face, but you'll likely need a simplified routine. Let's get real: having a ten-step facial skincare routine can be tedious in itself, let alone applying the same process to the rest of your body. You can get radiant body skin in a few simple steps that will sit comfortably within your daily routine and feel more like a treat than a chore. Sounds pretty decent, right? 

Start your skincare regimen with a nutritious body wash. Something like Bawdy's hydrating and nourishing Bawdy Wash is ideal. It contains seaweed and kaolin to smooth and nourish your skin all in one go. Follow up your nourishing wash with a serum: Super Tight, also from Bawdy, packs a punch when it comes to tightening skin. It uses Ice wine and nettles to improve the appearance of the skin and make it feel more youthful. Of course, a skincare routine wouldn't be complete without some hydration, so add in Bawdy Oil as your last step to reach peak glow. The oil not only hydrates, but it also tightens skin (and it can double up as a massage oil!)

How do I make my skin glow?

If you add in your skincare essentials as outlined above, you'll be well on your way to having gorgeous glowy skin. Sticking to a routine, using the right products, and paying careful attention to what you're putting into your body are all key to showing your bare skin with confidence. Additional self-care steps, such as making sure you're well-hydrated, getting the nutrients you need, and feeling your best self mentally, will all help you get that much sought-after glow. 

And aside from that desirable brightness, taking the time to care for the skin on the rest of your body is a fantastic way to spend time with yourself and build a positive connection with your body. You'll grow in confidence, appreciate every inch of your skin, and reflect on all the amazing things your body does for you every day. Improving that relationship with yourself will help you shine from the inside out, too!

The bottom line

With skin being IN, it's time to get prepping to glow. Getting healthier skin is the ultimate key to achieving that glowy look, which takes time and dedication. With that in mind, it's time to start adjusting your self-care routine to gear up for next season's fashion. While glowing makeup and facial skincare have been big for a while now, when it comes to body skincare, the trend is newer - though it's unsurprising considering how many people are taking an interest in learning how to have healthier skin. So, it's time to stock up on your skincare essentials, look at your daily habits, and get to work finessing that beautiful glowing skin!