Being Sexy and Being Confident 101

Do you want to be sexier and more confident than ever? 

Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret: everyone can be sexy exactly as they are, in their own beautiful skin. 

It all starts with having the confidence in yourself and in your body. Being “sexy” isn’t necessarily defined as one thing or one look -- we all find different things sexy.

So, how can you build confidence and be the sexiest version of yourself every single day? We’re here to help! We’ve put together some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you learn to genuinely love yourself and embrace your beautiful bawdy!

Start Making the First Move 

“First move, me? No way!” 

Does that sound like you? Making the first move might seem scary, and sometimes it is! However, there is something very sexy about someone who takes control of a situation, and it screams confidence (even if you are nervous about doing it).

Be the one to kiss your partner first, or if you are already kissing, be the one to add some heat. 

As you start making the first move and gauging the response of your partner, you will start to feel more confident in your own sexiness.

Making the first move can be hot, hot, hot! So, don’t hesitate – you can do it!

Splurge A Little Bit on Lingerie That Empowers You 

Lace and satin for the win! If you are the type of person who likes to wear lingerie, now is the time to splurge on something that really makes you feel good about yourself. 

There are so many different types of lingerie out there that you may not even know about, so don’t be afraid to do some research. Flaunt what you’ve got! There’s a little something special for body shapes and sizes of all types, so don’t feel stuck to one store at the mall to find something that really lights up your smile when you try it on!

Consider Talking to A Professional 

Talk it out! Are you having issues seeing yourself as sexy? Self-esteem problems plague many of us, and they can be harmful to our confidence and how we perceive ourselves. If you think your confidence is getting in the way of being able to feel good about how you look, consider talking to a professional.

You can choose to talk to a general psychiatrist, or you can reach out to a sex therapist. Either way, you can communicate your thoughts, and you may start to learn what is holding you back when you just start spilling your thoughts and getting out of your own head.

Practice Wellness 

Wellness is a choice! Let’s be real – pretty much no one feels sexy after they’ve eaten a huge meal of steak and potatoes, and even fewer feel great after stressing over that project at work for the past week.

If you are looking to feel like your most confident and sexy self, practice wellness on a regular basis.

Eat light and healthy, get good sleep, and take some time to self-care and just do good for your mind and soul. Aside from helping you feel more confident, working toward a happier, healthier you is a win-win all around.

Try A New Beauty Routine

Sometimes, just trying something new with your beauty routine can give you a huge confidence boost. Maybe you want to put on makeup that is heavier than you normally wear, or maybe you want to curl your hair or let it grow longer.

Bawdy is especially a fan of making some spa time for ourselves right at home, whether with butt masks to give your behind a nourishing pick me up, or just spending a little extra time in the shower for some relaxing self-touch while you wash down with a hydrating body wash.

Whatever you do now, mixing up your beauty routine may result in a different look and feel for you, something that can help you build your confidence and make you feel sexy!

Put on A Little Show 

It may sound cliche, but it works for a lot of us. Get your lingerie, find a song, and put on a little dance for your partner. 

When you see how your partner reacts to it, you will realize how sexy they think you really are, which will boost your confidence big time!

While of course, you want to feel your own confidence from the inside out, sometimes some reinforcement from someone else can help you get there.

Take Care of Your Skin 

Show your skin some love! Your skin is important, and feeling good in your skin means taking care of it. No one wants to have sallow, sunken, dull skin. We all want to glow brighter than our favorite celebrity. So how can you do that?

There are many secrets to glowing skin, but it all starts with drinking enough water and taking care of your skin. Make sure that you use products that are good for your body. Maybe consider investing in a body oil instead of a body lotion. Ensure that you get a close shave if that is important to you.

When your skin is soft and touchable, you will feel confident and “oh-so-sexy” because your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off of you!

Don’t Be Afraid of The Selfie 

It may seem really strange, but take sexy selfies! You will be surprised at how much sexier you feel when you take a few sexy selfies. To start, you can even throw on a filter.

Take selfies in lingerie, in different positions, and from different angles. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Those pictures don’t have to go anywhere unless you want them to, so what do you have to lose? You’ll be able to appreciate your body in a new way and maybe even figure out what angles and lingerie make you feel the most confident.

Remember that you may be staring at that stretch mark on your booty or that little roll on your back, but the person you send the selfie to absolutely will not be.

Now, of course you don’t want to send those selfies to just anyone. You want to be sure that if you do choose to send them at all, it’s to someone you trust. If you have a long-term partner, imagine how surprised they will be to see that sexy selfie -- and how ready they will be to see you when they rush home later that day.

Sexy selfies and the response you get can boost your confidence and serve as a little foreplay for later.

In Conclusion: Sometimes You Gotta Fake It ‘Till You Make It 

To be honest, we aren’t always confident, and sometimes, it can feel impossible to feel sexy in our own skin. 

Everyone, from the most attractive women in the world to your next-door neighbor has to just fake that confidence sometimes to get to the real thing.

The best way to be confident and sexy is to arm yourself with the tools that make you feel that way. Maybe it’s a certain song or a go-to perfume. Maybe you feel your best when you’ve eaten a healthy meal. 

Everyone is a little different, but sex is something that we all constantly need to work at. As with anything, practice makes perfect! So, fake it ‘till you make it, and soon that sexy confidence will actually be 100% yours!