10 Secrets to Gorgeous Glowing Skin

10 Secrets to Gorgeous Glowing Skin

Everyone wants to brighten the room when they walk in; if not with their smile, then definitely with their skin. But how do you get gorgeous glowing skin? Like most things, there are quick fixes and long-term, lasting approaches. Here, we’ve broken down the top 10 tips, tricks, and DIY remedies for glowing skin. 


1. The Timing of Toner

When it comes to basic skin care, timing is everything. The order in which you apply your products will allow them to work better and there’s one step that’s particularly important - toner. Be sure to apply your toner before serum and moisturizer. Toner makes your skin a perfectly balanced canvas to absorb the serum and moisturizer you’re about to apply and, in order to have dewy skin, it has to be hydrated.


2. Have a Chemical Romance

Exfoliation is key for healthy, bright skin as it sloughs off dead skin cells, dirt, and grime. Here’s the thing, though - use chemical peels. This might sound intimidating but scrubs that use harsh ingredients like nut shells or fruit pits can dull the skin by causing abrasions or small tears on the skin leading to redness, dryness, irritation, and even scratches. Instead, brighten your body with natural chemical exfoliators like citric acid.

3. Vitamin C

For Hollywood level glow, load up on vitamin C. Slather it on your skin via a serum to treat dullness, smooth out your skin, and address fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll also want to indulge in vitamin C packed snacks, like grapefruit, to help maintain that glow from within.


4. Make Magic Moisturizer

Make your moisturizer (complete with SPF) a little more magical by mixing in a few drops of luminizer for a natural, subtle shimmer. This trick will have all your friends proclaiming, “You look great! What are you doing?”


5. Retinoids to the Rescue

Look for products that include retinoids. They help rescue our skin from dulling issues that include uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and rough patches. An added bonus - they help boost collagen production, too!


6. Make Time for Turmeric

Nothing dampens a dewy glow like a blemish. To help keep pesky pimples at bay, try a natural, homemade turmeric mask. The anti-inflammatory qualities of this spice can help reduce acne and its resulting inflammation and redness, as well as remedy any associated scarring. 


7. Kick up the Collagen

Collagen helps our skin have youthful elasticity and promotes hydration, two components that are key to achieving enviable glowing skin. Collagen is one of those ingredients that work from within as well on the skin. Bone broth, egg whites, and berries are great natural sources of collagen. For topical application, try our illuminating Shake It butt mask.


8. Highlight it Up

One of the quickest ways to illuminate your skin is to add a dash of highlighter to key areas. Sweep a skin tone flattering highlighter on areas like collarbones and shoulders, cheeks, and shin bones.


9. Yogurt

While you’re raiding your kitchen for citrus fruits and turmeric, grab some yogurt as well. Sure, you can snack on it but you might also want to slather it on your skin. The lactic acid in it acts as an alpha hydroxy acid that creates a natural glow by gently rejuvenating and softening skin - yum!


10. Move Your BAWDY

Brighten your skin from within with a booty busting workout. Exercise helps control the level of cortisol in our body. Cortisol is that nasty little stress hormone that causes a multitude of issues including breakouts. It also causes collagen to break down which results in wrinkles and sagging - no body has time for that.