Top 4 Wellness Products to Use During Quarantine

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During Sunday night’s Emmys broadcast, the cast of Little Fires Everywhere staged a New Year’s party because, as Reese Witherspoon explained, “We’re ready for this year to be over.” Fair, Reese, fair. And we don’t disagree but we do think some good came out of 2020’s quarantine in the form of self-care trends that our favorite celebs even got on board with. Here are the top four.


1. Butt Masks

Typically in the dark, our rear-ends have truly stepped into the spotlight during quarantine. Perhaps all of our pantless Zoom parties made us take notice of one of our most neglected parts, or maybe the unending hours of being cooped-up forced our creative self-care hand. Either way, derriere skin care in the form of butt masks has exploded. 

Butt masking isn’t new. We here at BAWDY got our start in 2018, the same year that Madonna started experimenting with clay masks on her bum. And it was only a year after that that the goddess of beautiful booty herself, Ms. Jennifer Lopez, included our very own BAWDY sheet masks in her Santosha subscription box, meant to inspire “confidence and self-love.”

While caring for your caboose with masks can be met with some skepticism, those who give it a shot are usually pleasantly surprised by their new, smooth asset. But no one seems to be as excited about the phenomenon as Kesha who, along with the swoon-worthy help of her boyfriend, discovered our butt masks during quarantine. In a recent unboxing video posted to her YouTube channel, the award-winning songstress said that butt masks are “kind of my thing. I'm like, butt-mask lady."

Excuse us while we blush and flaunt a very excited, very cheesin’ grin. Not only for the love she has shown BAWDY, but for the beautiful way she and her partner use the products, which brings us to our number two trend.


2. Duo It Together

Thanks to the quarantine, beauty routines are no longer solo events. Not only have self-care sessions become experiences shared across social media, but partners are now a part of the exploit as well, truly elevating the adventure. Heck yeah! 

Thinking about skin care routines, the date night ideas abound - especially when using products made for your most neglected parts. Our Clay Butt Mask can be used to draw hearts and other messages of love on you and your partner’s butt and body, doubling as a couples massage. While you’re letting the mask dry, try dancing to a few of your favorite songs together, naked. After three to four songs, hop in the shower together to rinse, revealing uber soft skin you won’t be able to stop touching. 

Similarly, our Nipple & Areola Stick is a favorite among couples as a self-care foray into beauty play (the new foreplay). Gone are the mundane Netflix binges when you can use the application of this velvety, non-toxic stick to ignite the night with some couples games rather than Hunger Games.


3. CBD Infused Products

A survey conducted in mid-July found that 53% of adults have experienced negative mental health impacts due to the pandemic. This added stress and anxiety can lead to things like difficulty sleeping, inflammation, and even pain. Because of this, the rise of CBD in skincare is expected to continue to grow since the natural antioxidant has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces excess oil, stimulates collagen production, and heals and hydrates skin. Using a CBD stick like our CBD Butt Balm can help to not only clear up buttne, but also make any butt transformation workouts less painful.

Even the queen of the kitchen herself, Martha Stewart, recently released a line of CBD products including gummies, soft gels, and oil drops to help us keep calm and destress from the inside out. Loving the level you’re on, Martha.


4. Blocking Blue Light Exposure

Since quarantine has us all sitting at home, it seems as though 80% of us are logging more screen time than ever. This means that we’re exposing ourselves to a lot more blue light that’s emitted from our computers, cell phones, and other digital devices. While research is ongoing, early reports show that blue light can increase the visibility of brown spots, contribute to hyperpigmentation, and break down collagen, causing wrinkles. And it does all of this by disrupting our circadian rhythm. Ugh!

Thankfully, there are some things we can do to limit our exposure. Firstly, remembering to keep screens at least 12 inches away from our faces. Secondly, don’t forget to include skincare products in our daily routine that include key ingredients like antioxidants and SPF, which fight the effects of blue light on our skin. Lastly, think about investing in some blue light blocking glasses from this brand that celebs like Ashley Benson, Miley Cyrus, and Adriana Lima love. Doing so can help keep our circadian rhythm in check for overall better health and wellness. Yas, please.

The Bottom Line

Look, this year has been anything but a vibe. BUT, if better self-care and beauty routines that double as steamy couples activities reveal a rainbow formed from the cloud that is COVID-19, we’ll take it.

And more so, at Bawdy we want you to touch yourself more, feel your body more, hold your body more, and connect with your body more often.

Our society holds iPhones instead of hands, feels the phone’s presence more than feeling the presence of others, and touches screens more often than it feels its own self. 

The electronic lifestyle has contributed to silence between people. There is less verbal communication and people constantly reach for their phones rather than each other or even ourselves. BAWDY promotes daily self-touch and we urge you not to forget that you matter - you deserve your own touch!