Turn Up the Heat: How to Stay Energized

Turn Up the Heat: How to Stay Energized | Bawdy Beauty

We are counting down the days until spring—and even then, we know it takes a minute for Mother Nature to really heat things up. Until then, we asked Sylwia how she stays energized and keeps the fire going. 

Morning Warm Up

I start the day with room temperature water and fresh lemon. It helps the digestive system get moving and flushes out toxins. 

Then I do a quick gua sha with The Bawdy Tool in bed to start the blood flowing. I find it works best with my legs up. You can rest them up the wall or on the headboard. Start with invigorating strokes to improve circulation.

I keep the start with DOPE Naturally Arouse Me. I like to blend it with hot oat milk, honey and shot of espresso.

If life permits, ideally I get two hours of non-stop movement doing Tonique, a body-sculpting workout I developed. But doing one hour of any kind of movement you love does wonders! 

Shower is a play time when I focus on myself ( morning shower is fast with few strokes of rough exfoliating sponge with The Bawdy Wash) or The Tool that feels great under running water.

Midday Moves

I eat light during the day. I snack on fruit and love juices or smoothies. I’m a big believer that too much food slows down my thinking and focus as the body sends energy to digest.

Every hour I like to get up and move for a few minutes. I drink a glass of water and do 30-50 squats, or find excuse to step outside. 

Night Moves 

I often regain energy at night. My dinner is light and colorful. Depending on my mood, it’s either carb-loaded or protein-loaded but always with avocado for a touch of glow.

I end the day with another longer shower. I spend more time on self touch and massage— letting my imagination help me escape the day. 

I don’t watch or own a TV. Occasionally I’ll stream something like a documentary or something like Seinfelds, Family Guy or SNL. skits etc  I like to read and do spelling bee (the goal is to get the pangram :) 

Sex and dreaming is the final act in staying energized and relaxed at the same time.