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Bawdy Beauty The Bawdy Tool
Bawdy Beauty The Bawdy Tool
Bawdy Beauty The Bawdy Tool
Bawdy Beauty The Bawdy Tool

The Bawdy Tool

Detoxifying + Sculpting


Get naked and experience the power of touch with Bawdy’s multifunctional Gua Sha tool. Detoxify, sculpt, and chill your entire body. 

Powerfully crafted with our founder’s obsession with the female form in mind, The Bawdy Tool’s dynamic design creates a fluid structure to properly heal and sculpt your body while celebrating it, giving it the attention it needs to thrive. Made of 100% Agate, the stone, along with your empowering touch, helps to improve concentration while unifying and rebalancing the body, mind, and spirit - promoting inner healing of tension and dispersion of negative energy. Good vibes only.


Agate Stone harmonizing + calming

Please Note: Each Bawdy Gua Sha is unique due to the nature of Agate's stone. Just like You, never the same, always different.

For best results use daily. Prepare your skin with oil or rich body moisturizer to avoid traction. Start with small, fast brush strokes. As you progress, lengthen and widen your sweeping strokes. Perfect for all skin types.

The Bawdy Tool is made of 100% Agate. Make sure to treat it with care and avoid dropping it, which may damage the stone.

We recommend storing your tool in a dry place. For added cooling effect, keep it in the refrigerator. Clean The Bawdy Tool before and after each use with soap and water to prevent the spreading of any bacteria onto your skin.

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