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Don’t Be Afraid to Touch Yourself



Posted on November 20 2020

Don’t Be Afraid to Touch Yourself Bawdy Beauty Blog

Our skin is an amazing organ. It’s our largest organ. It has a natural elasticity that allows it to expand and contract with us as we grow and change. It has the extraordinary capability to regenerate itself. It protects us from disease, harmful UV rays, and helps to regulate our body’s temperature. It’s also home to over one thousand nerve endings. With all these nerves, it’s safe to say our skin was made for touch; to give and receive it.

That’s why it’s sad that the thing we touch most - between 2,617 and 5,400 times a day, to be exact - is not ourselves or someone else but our cell phones.

Now, IOHO, we’d rather be nourishing those nerves by touching up on ourselves or someone else. Read on to find out why this is important, that it’s not as scary as you think, and it doesn’t always have to be about sex.

When You Think About it, You Should Touch Yourself

Our senses feed our soul. Opening your eyes to a bright sunny day, unwinding with a well-curated playlist, indulging in a favorite dessert, lighting a luxurious candle, and marinating in a tender embrace from a loved one all boost our mood. COVID-19 has certainly put a damper on the latter, however, putting us all at risk of touch deprivation which can cause depression, difficulty sleeping, and anxiety. Oh no, oh no, oh no!

The good news is, the power to feed the need for touch is in your hands - literally. And it is powerful! Just check out all the great benefits of touch:

  1. It produces oxytocin which is a hormone that reduces stress and anxiety among other benefits
  2. It releases endorphins which are natural pain and stress fighters, give us a feeling of euphoria, and boosts our immune system.
  3. You can burn calories (about 25 calories for every 15 minutes) if you touch in a way that stimulates feelings of arousal, similar to that foreplay. 
  4. Helps to calm heart rate and blood pressure by slowing the pace of the nervous system.
  5. Women can use it as an opportunity to perform a self-exam on their breasts to screen for cancer.

It’s Not All About Sex, Baby

It can be slow, rough, soft, fast, or hard. Maybe you throw in a pinch here or a slap there. Touch can be any way you want it. It can be sensual without being sexual. It can be both or neither.

Something that’s sensual v sexual is something that’s simply gratifying to the senses. For example, a stunning ballet performance could be a sensual experience without being sexual in nature. Similarly, giving yourself a sensual massage while applying our Clay Butt Mask, for example, isn’t sexual. But, asking your partner to apply the mask might turn your sensual massage into a sexual experience.

The Bottom Line

Touching yourself shouldn’t feel scary or bad, although it might because of silly societal norms. But being sensual, gratifying our senses, is not a bad thing. Aside from the immediate benefits we mentioned, touching yourself can help you feel more confident and empowered in your body and that’s a GREAT thing. So touch your body, love your body, and feel free to rock that bawdy!