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Clay Butt Mask
Clay Butt Mask
Clay Butt Mask
Clay Butt Mask
Clay Butt Mask
Clay Butt Mask
Clay Butt Mask

Clay Butt Mask

Detoxifying + Firming Butt Stick


Bawdy espouses that butt is the new face, and that butt beauty matters. BAWDY introduces a skin purifying, detoxifying and firming Clay Butt Mask in stick form.


Kaolin + Montmorillonite purifying, exfoliating
Willow Bark refining, toning
Sodium Hyaluronate plumping, hydrating

BAWDY. is free of ingredients harming your skin, disrupting your hormonal balance, and polluting environment. 

Learn More about clean beauty.

Size: 1.5in x 3in / 3.9cm x 7.9cm
1 oz / 30g

Easy, mess free application. Recommended for acne prone and dull skin. Powered by clean, non-toxic ingredients, fragrance free. Potent blend of kaolin and montmorillonite clay, willow bark and sodium hyaluronate.

Enjoy butt masking twice a week or as needed. Apply in a circular motion all over your butt checks and below, including the upper back of the leg / hamstrings. Leave on and let dry for 15 minutes. Shower off or use a warm washcloth to remove.

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