Self-Celebration: Celebrating and Owning Yourself

You know the phrase every body is different? Well, it's 100% true! And because you are so beautifully unique, it's time you showed the world what it means to really be you. If you’ve been looking for a few ways to show the world how fierce you can be and take pride in that, we have compiled a small list of suggestions we’re excited to share!

However, do you want to know our best suggestion? Do what feels right for you. You don't have to be a cliche to celebrate yourself. Just remember that you are amazing and give your body the time and attention it so richly deserves.

Stand Up for Yourself

You are special in every way, and the little things in life can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. One of those things is standing up for yourself. If your boss is pressuring you to accept more work or to do it faster, stand up for yourself (politely) and explain that you need all of the time you were given in order to produce quality work.

Don't let someone tell you what you can and can't do, because you already know what you’re capable of. Own yourself and your own capabilities by telling them that you have a lot on your plate right now, and you want to focus on producing your best, high-quality work.

Realize That You Look Better with A Smile 

Show off those pearly whites! No one wants to hear this kind of thing from a stranger, but what if you told yourself that? It may sound silly, but people who smile at themselves in the mirror tend to start their day feeling happier. It’s true! Humans really do respond well to smiles. And guess what? No smile shines brighter than your own. Your brain sees that you're smiling and says: this is going to be a good day!

The idea of “faking it until you make it” isn't just a soundbite. Your body may not be feeling so hot, but the moment it notices that you are smiling or that other people you care about are smiling, it starts to think, “Hey, I want to feel happy too!”

Pretty soon, you won't just be making faces in the mirror; you'll genuinely be having a good time. Although some people may think it's weird that you're giggling alone in the bathroom, what do they know? You're having fun!

Have Some Me-Time

Whether or not you enjoy meditating, spending a few minutes or hours by yourself can be centering and calming, especially in times of severe stress. Even when you aren't stressed, there's nothing like having some time for yourself to really relax, right? Taking a little bit of time for yourself while enjoying your favorite cookies on the couch all curled up with your kitty who is purring contently is the dream for many people.

Want to enjoy yourself even more? Why not light a scented candle, lock the bathroom door, and pamper yourself with a mini spa hour? You can use some hydrating balm on your nipples to make things softer and more luxurious for the next time the mood strikes. Or, if you're feeling more adventurous, you can lather on a firming butt mask or relax with some CBD butt balm, so your booty looks as “oh-so-fine” as you know it should.

If you aren't the spa day kind of person, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your own company. You can light some incense and listen to your favorite playlist. Don’t be afraid to really get your groove on, baby!

Dancing is a great exercise, and it will release endorphins in your body to help you feel amazing. If you decide that being alone isn't for you, dancing is something that can easily transition into a multi-person activity, too, so you can get your kids excited about joining in. No matter what, you get to pick the tunes, though, and that is a real treat in itself!

Make A List 

And check it twice! Let’s be honest – it’s easy to get bogged down with negative qualities or things you'd like to change about yourself, but why not focus on the other side of things for a change? You probably haven't done anything like this since elementary school, but there is a reason why kids are so darn happy all the time! It's because people are constantly reinforcing their lives with positivity. When you get older, you're expected to make your own positivity without relying on other people for some weird reason. So, let’s do it!

Make a list of your best qualities: Personality traits, achievements throughout your life, and parts of your body that you adore. Write down whatever it is that makes you proud to introduce yourself. If you want, you can also add traits or achievements that you are currently working towards too. There's no cheating here. If you have been working hard to earn that degree, add it to the list, even if you haven't finished your thesis yet. The point is that you will, and it is something to be proud of and to celebrate about yourself.

Find Your Joy 

We all need more joy in our lives! One of the reasons for the above list is finding little things that you enjoy about yourself, but you can easily expand on that to find little joys in your life. Some people use gratitude journals to find one thing every day that they are grateful for.

Instead, you can use this kind of journal to find out what little things have happened during the day that you had fun with. If you go through a few days and struggle to come up with ideas, you definitely need to change something in your life!

If you can't think of moments when you had fun throughout the day, then you need to take some time for yourself just to enjoy being alive. After all, what's the point of being you if there's nothing about it to enjoy? You are awesome and unique, and that’s why you should want to celebrate YOU!

Learn Something New About Yourself 

There’s always time to grow! Try picking up a new hobby or otherwise expanding your horizons. Maybe rediscover something you used to enjoy when you were younger, like a musical instrument or a new movie genre, or you can try something brand new.

Never made bread from scratch before? Try it! Always liked the feeling of crocheted blankets? Pick up a needle and some cheap yarn from the remnants section of a fabric shop, and try your hand at it. If you saw someone on TikTok doing exercises with a sword and thought that looked cool, why not start a new workout routine? You may not have a handy sword lying around, but it is easy to develop safe alternatives to practice your swing.

New experiences help you grow and become more uniquely you! You may not enjoy everything you choose. Some things may be too difficult, but you never know. Maybe you'll turn out to be a knitting connoisseur. Whatever the result, you will have learned something new about yourself to add to your list of celebrations.


Remember when? 2020 may not have held a plethora of good memories for you, but there are sure to be some good times that you still cherish between social media and photo albums. Take some time to celebrate all of the things that led to who you are as a person today.

Start by going back through those old photo albums. If you’ve been having Zoom chitchats with relatives, ask them about their favorite memories with you, and bask in the good old times. Your family and friends may even remind you about something you'd totally forgotten about, so it will be like experiencing it for the first time all over again.

Another great way to reminisce is to reread an old book or watch a movie you used to love. If you know every line by heart, you can still re-experience the book or movie and remember why you loved it so much. Or you may realize how much you've grown since back then. Maybe you've forgotten a lot about the book or movie, and you’ll be reminded of everything amazing in it that brings back the childish delight you felt so long ago. Again, more to celebrate about yourself and how much you’ve grown!

Treat Yourself 

You deserve a little TLC! A lot of people misunderstand this idea. Sure, it would be great to treat yourself by buying something expensive like a new necklace or going out to the movies, but in times like these, spending that extra money may not be in the cards (or the budget).

Listen to this mind-blowing secret - treating yourself doesn't have to cost a bunch of money! Maybe it's as simple as picking up a small ice cream cone for yourself when you're out grocery shopping for the family. Maybe it's taking a mental health day from work. It may even be just putting off the household chores for another day, so you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Whatever you think is a treat is awesome! You don't have to treat yourself every single day, but you should try to work in small incentives for yourself whenever possible. You are a fantastic person, and you should never forget it. After all, no one else is like you, and you should be rewarded for everything you do!

In Conclusion – Celebrate Yourself a Little Bit Everyday 

You are uniquely you, and that’s reason enough to celebrate! Don’t let a day go by without owning the beautiful soul that you are, and reminding yourself of your own awesomeness. Whether it’s a quick smile and affirmation in the mirror in the morning or a few moments of much-needed “me time” to rejuvenate yourself in the evening, celebrate the amazingness that is YOU!