Lockdown Self-Love - An Epic Spa Day at Home

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Wowza. These past couple of weeks have our stress and anxiety levels skyrocketing. With the tense election, the passing of Jeopardy’s beloved Alex Trebek, and the discovery of a murder hornet nest that housed nearly 200 queens, we sure could use a breather from these hard times for some self-care, could you?

Additionally, coronavirus hospitalizations reached an all-time high this week with more than 61,694 reported on Tuesday. That’s 2,024 more people hospitalized than those on the previous record-setting date of April 15th. Uh-oh.

While dashing off to some remote, deserted island with our ‘closest inner circle’ of best friends and loved ones may be the ultimate goal, it’s not exactly a realistic way to chase our own happiness. But a self-imposed lockdown consisting of a relaxing DIY spa day or sensual pamper night is. And listen, parents, we hear you. We know that devoting an entire day or whole night to letting go and taking better care of your own needs is quite impossible.

So whether it’s a single day of uninterrupted positivity or half of a single hour, we’ll help make your spa day at home bring out all the good mental, emotional, and physical feels - from your head and toes to your butt and beyond. *Wink*

Be Fastidious About Foreplay

Setting the mood is important, in any situation. It seems like a simple thing, but your self-love journey starts by setting the mood for your well-being. When you arrive at a spa, your mindfulness experience doesn’t start when you flop down on the massage table, does it? Nah, they tickle your senses the moment you walk through the door.

Candles, essential oils, fruit-infused water, low lighting, and calming music all make for an overall calming atmosphere to practice self-love. They can even make a simple ten-minute butt mask feel so much more special. So when it comes to pampering yourself at home, let’s roll out that same red carpet, yeah?

It doesn’t take much time to turn down the lights and awaken your senses with an enchanting scent. Give Ellis Brooklyn’s seductive and non-toxic Pseudonym soy candle a try. They’re hand-poured in upstate New York, crafted with domestically harvested soy, and housed in a recycled glass container.

Feel Yourself

Do you have time for a quickie, an afternoon delight, or an all night marathon? Do you have combination skin you need to be cognizant of? Do you want to ditch pesky dry skin? Did you wear a cheap but cute polyester dress to the pumpkin patch without a bra the other weekend and now your nips are screaming? That last one might be specific and probably maybe isn’t in any way related to anyone on the BAWDY team. *Side eye* Understanding your time limitations and feeling out what your body is yearning for when it comes to self-compassion and skin care, and beauty treatments will help determine what spa products you’ll want to pamper yourself with.

Pick Your Poison

  • Clay Butt Mask: 15-20 minutes; butt, whole-body
  • Slap It butt sheet mask: 10-20 minutes; butt, pregnant belly
Anti-aging Moisturizing Firming
  • CBD Butt Balm: 5-20 minutes; butt, whole-body
  • Shake It butt sheet mask: 10-20 minutes; butt, pregnant belly

The Bottom Line

Spa therapy doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or involve wacky ingredients. It should, however, encourage you to quiet any negative thoughts or negative self-talk, soothe your skin, and relax your body. Self-love means taking time for your physical and mental health, even if it's just half an hour. You're a beautiful person, inside and out, and you deserve all of the self-love and self-respect. Share your at-home pampering experiences with our community on Instagram @bawdybeauty.