Intimate Body Oil: The 5 Best Body Oils to Use for Intimacy

Massaging your partner is a powerful way to communicate affection and intimacy. But, of course, simply expressing your desire to give them a good rub down so they can relax and enjoy themselves is pretty sexy on its own. When you dim the lights, add a slippery, aromatherapeutic oil to the mix, and encourage them to simply lie there and soak it all in -- you can tap into their psyche, reaching a new level of intimacy and all the benefits that come along with soothing, heartfelt touch. 

Introducing oils to your intimacy doesn’t have to be slippery and slimy - if you use the right oils, you can set the mood in more ways than one.  

Getting Started With Intimate Oils

You’ll need an oil to help your hands glide smoothly over the curves. Choosing which massage oil to bring along on this intimate journey between you and your partner is pretty essential. There are many factors to consider. For example, would you both enjoy a warming massage oil? One that doubles as a lubricant? And which aromas do you both like best, something bright and floral, or more exotic and warm? 

An all-natural oil is your best bet since potentially irritating chemicals aren’t sexy. 

#1 Jojoba Oil

Not only is jojoba oil great for your skin, but its lightweight consistency makes it perfect for spreading all over yours or your lover’s arches. It isn’t greasy or oily, and it’s the perfect carrier for essential oils to add some aromatherapy to the vibe. Jojoba oil also easily washes out of bed sheets with some detergent and won’t leave your duvet stained. It is non-allergenic, making it great for sensitive skin and non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores and lead to breakouts. 

Why we love it:

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t stain 

#2 Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is a popular choice among massage therapists; it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly -- but not so quickly that you have to keep reapplying it. It is slightly oily but not overly so, allowing it to glide over the skin seamlessly. Pro tip: if your partner is allergic to nuts, opt for an oil that wasn’t made from nuts. 

Why we love it:

  • It doesn’t dry out quickly
  • Not overly oily 

#3 Coconut Oil

Opt for a coconut oil labeled “organic, virgin, cold-pressed, or raw” this is the best kind for your skin. Coconut oil contains antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and calming properties, as well as Vitamin E - a great antioxidant. But, coconut oil is relatively thick and can tend to clog pores. 

Why we love it:

  • Contains Vitamin E 
  • Cost-efficient 
  • Long shelf life  

#4 Sunflower Oil

Light, non-greasy oil extracted from sunflower seeds is rich in an essential fatty acid called linoleic acid, which contributes to the health of your skin. This fatty acid gets stripped away by harsh soaps and cleansers, so it is an excellent addition to your intimate routine. But, it does tend to expire quickly, so purchase in small quantities and store in a dark, cool area. 

Why we love it:

  • Good for your skin 
  • Non-greasy 

#5 CBD-Infused Oil

CBD or Cannabidiol has many benefits, providing irritation relief and easing your overall mental health without any mind-altering sensations. It also has soothing properties and is known to reduce sebum production, helpful to those who experience blemish break-outs. In addition, the toning and hydrating body oil, with a 300mg CBD-infused sensual blend of nutrient-rich botanicals, would be an absolute luxury for you and your partner to enjoy together. 

Why we love it:

  • Good for your skin 
  • Non-greasy
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Tones and hydrates
  • Calming benefits of CBD

Aphrodisiac Fragrances

We’ve all heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac, and some may argue chocolate and gluten-free vodka, but who knew that fragrances could encourage that little sexy switch to flip too? So drop a bit of these sexy, aromatic scents into your body oil of choice and up the relaxation ante. 

Jasmine Essential Oil

The rich, sweet smell of jasmine oil has been used for centuries to improve libido and promote intimacy. It is equally appealing to both men and women. It improves mood, positive feelings, and energy levels. In addition, it stimulates the brainwaves and could make someone more alert to sexual cues and possibly increase blood flow to the penis

Lavender Essential Oil

The smell of lavender relaxes and arouses at the same time. It heightens levels of arousal due to its relaxation benefits. Because everyone knows stress is a major buzz-kill.  

Orange Essential Oil

The smell of oranges has been shown to increase alertness, making a person more sensitive to the stimuli around them. It has also been proven to increase blood flow to the sexual organs. 

Rose Essential Oil

The floral scent of roses has been known to boost confidence, fertility, and libido. Some also say that it regulates the central nervous system, making people more responsive to touch. Hmm, we will no longer wonder how roses became such a romantic gesture. 

Warming Oils

Warming massage oils will heat up all those erogenous zones, adding even more fuel to the fire. They are heat-activated, so the rubbing creates friction causing the oil to warm up. 

Warming massage oils are an option to consider, but if the massage is likely going to lead to intercourse, some people are irritated when the warming oil gets on their private bits. 

Hot to Warm Up Oil Yourself 

There are oil warmers designed for this kind of thing, but you can also do it the old-fashioned way and stick it in the microwave for 15 seconds. When heating this way, be sure to spot-test to make sure it’s not too hot by dabbing a drop on your inner wrist. 

You can also simply rub it in your hands before application to warm up both your hands and the oil with simple friction. 


An all-natural oil that can double as a massage oil and a lubricant as things start to get sexy is pretty ideal. But there are some major factors to keep in mind: 

  • Anything oil-based wears down latex and can compromise the integrity of the condom, making them less effective or even causing them to break. 
  • On the other hand, silicon-based massage products that double as a lubricant don’t affect that barrier of a condom, but it doesn’t absorb into the skin, so be sure you have time to take a post-sex shower. 
  • Natural-based oils like avocado, coconut, vegetable, and olive oils are great for massages and all types of sexual play -- they’re safe for the vagina and safe to eat, BUT they can stain fabrics. 
  • Synthetic products like silicon-based lubricants/massage products are harder for the body to clear out of its system and lead to vaginal infections like yeast accumulation. 

Pro Tips

Here are some ways you can control the oil you are using during an intimate setting: 

  1. Keep a wet rag handy in case things get a little too damp and wild, and you start to lose your grip. 
  1. Make sure you share the ingredients of the oil you choose with your partner and make sure it is safe for them to use and comfortable.
  1. Oil can compromise the integrity of condoms.
  1. Not every intimate massage has to lead to sex. Be sure to communicate with your partner so you both can express your expectations and limits. 
  1. If your partner is worried the massage will end in sex and that is something they don’t want, it will be hard for them to relax and enjoy the massage. 
  1. Check in with your partner throughout the massage and make sure the pressure is good and they are enjoying themselves.
  1. Play some music you both like at a low to medium volume. 

In Conclusion

Approaching your partner with the idea to oil up and rub each other down is a tempting suggestion. However, putting the effort in doing the research and finding the best oil for both of you shows you care and want to connect with them on a deeper level. The gesture in itself is romantic. Just be sure your timing is on point, the mood is right. 

You have opened up a channel for honest, safe communication about what you are both comfortable with - and you’re on the right track for an unforgettable time that may turn into a new type of foreplay, reaching a new level of intimacy you both enjoy. 


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