Why Use CBD For Skin: What Does It Really Do?

CBD. CBD. CBD! Wow—it's literally everywhere! You can't leave your house these days without coming across a CBD product. Stores sell it. You can order it online. There are even special brick-and-mortar shops that sell nothing but CBD products. You don't need a special license to buy CBD items like gummies, oils, and lotions, and CBD is legal in most states. But what does CBD do? And how does it work?

In order to get the hype surrounding CBD and CBD products, you need a full understanding of the ingredient, as well as some information on what it really does. After all, it's quite different than some of the other lotions and skin care creams on the market.

Don’t worry—we’re to help you on your journey of CBD discovery. We'll explain CBD skin care products in detail and show you how they live up to the hype. There's a reason why CBD is so popular…because it really does have some “hemp-ful” benefits.

What You Need to Know About CBD 

In order to explain what CBD is, we first have to tell you what it isn’t. What do we mean by this? Well, it's nearly impossible to describe CBD without going into some depth on THC as well. We often think of these two products together, but they’re actually quite different. You can't understand one without knowing more about the other.

CBD and THC Aren't the Same 

You can’t believe everything you hear. While some people use these two words interchangeably, CBD and THC aren’t the same things. CBD stands for cannabinoid. THC, on the other hand, stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. 

THC contains psychoactive compounds that create a “high.” CBD, on the other hand, doesn't include those psychoactive compounds. Although CBD can make you feel calm and lower your anxiety, you cannot get “high” from CBD. You’ll receive the calming benefits of the hemp plant while remaining fully aware of your surroundings.

Speaking of hemp, CBD comes from the hemp plant, while THC products come from the marijuana plant. Both plants look similar, but the buds they produce are vastly different. Hemp has to be grown with no more than trace amounts of THC, while marijuana plants contain enough THC to create a high. While the exact numbers can vary based on the state and the type of product, if there's too much THC in a hemp product, it cannot be sold as CBD.

So, let’s explore what CBD can do for you versus a little THC.

The Secrets of Your Endocannabinoid System 

One thing that CBD and THC have in common is their effects on the endocannabinoid system. This system runs throughout the body and plays a role in a number of processes, including how well you sleep, how well your digestive system works, and how much inflammation you have in your body at any given time. CBD can have a positive effect on all of these things, helping you to function better and feel great.

The Advantages of CBD Skin Cream

Now, what does all of this have to do with skin cream? With so many benefits to using a CBD-infused skin care product, you have little reason to not include one in your daily routine. When you apply a CBD lotion to your skin, CBD is absorbed into your system. While studies are still working on whether or not it reaches all sections of your endocannabinoid system, the CBD will sink into your skin and provide plenty of amazing benefits, which we’ll dive into below!

Clearer Skin 

Acne can be super frustrating. And unfortunately, it can take plenty of experimentation and testing in order to find a skin care routine that actually clears your skin. While you're looking into your options, consider incorporating a lotion that includes CBD. It sounds strange at first, but CBD really can work to clear your skin, as long as you apply the lotion consistently and find one that's designed for your overall skin type.

The cannabinoids in CBD are great for relieving inflammation. This is great news if your acne flare ups are caused by inflamed pores. The connection here is clear – as clear as your skin will be once you start using a CBD lotion. Look for one that has other acne-removing ingredients as well, like salicylic acid or willow bark, especially if you have oily skin. These ingredients will ensure that your skin care products are doing what they should to help you really start loving the skin you’re in.

Fewer Dry and Flaky Patches

Dry skin? No thanks! Dry, flaky skin can be itchy and painful. If you want to get rid of dryness – no matter where those affected patches of skin are on your body – you should try a soothing CBD-infused lotion or cream. Not only will you get all of the benefits of the other ingredients in the cream, such as the oils, beeswax, and emulsifiers, but you'll also receive a dose of the CBD, which gives the product a bit of oomph!

Less Redness 

Redness is another dreaded, yet common skincare problem. It often goes hand in hand with dry skin, although it can be caused by other things such as rosacea, general irritation, and even acne. The ingredients in a CBD-infused skin cream can take care of this redness, making it much less obvious. 

Reduces Joint and Muscle Pain 

Remember how we said that CBD skin cream will slightly absorb into your body? Well, for the most part, the CBD will absorb into your muscles and joints. If you have arthritis in any form, are dealing with an overuse injury, or recovering from the results of an accident, CBD can provide some pain relief.

What does reduced muscle and joint pain do for your skin? Think of it this way–when you're stressed out from being in constant pain, your skin doesn't look its best. It may not be totally clear, and you may have some acne and redness, as well as some blotchiness. Once that pain is gone, even temporarily, you'll feel better overall and your stress levels will go down, in turn, helping your skin.

Where Can You Use CBD Skin Cream? 

The answer to this question is amazingly simple–you can use CBD skin cream everywhere! However, you need to make sure that you're using the right products in the correct places. For example, you don't want to apply a general CBD skin cream to your face, which is more sensitive and requires a specialized product. 

Similarly, you don't want to place a CBD product for the face on your entire body, where it may not be strong enough to impart all of its wonderful benefits. If you focus on finding the best products for specific sections of your body, you'll have no problem achieving the results that you desire. It's all about taking the time to choose them wisely, so you can bask in every CBD benefit available.

How to Find the Best CBD Skin Products 

Think you may be a potential CBD fan? Let’s discuss which products should be on your CBD wish list. When you're choosing the best CBD products for your skin, there are three things that you need to focus heavily on: where the CBD comes from, how it's extracted from the plant, and how much CBD the cream or lotion contains. These things matter because you need to determine the quality and strength of the CBD before you know whether it’s the right product for you.

It all starts with the label. The label on your bottle of CBD lotion should say where the CBD is sourced from. You want it to come from the U.S.A. Otherwise, there may be some purity concerns due to potential additives. In addition, know the extraction methods used to isolate the CBD and look for a product that uses the best ones. This means that your CBD will be pure.

Finally, you need to look for the amount of CBD per mg in the lotion. Some products are stronger than others, so find the lotion that meets your specific skin or health needs.  

The Bottom Line 

CBD is a beautiful thing. But you may still be wondering why you should use CBD-infused lotions and creams on your skin. Luckily, the reasons are myriad. Whether you want clearer skin, even skin, fewer dry patches, or less pain, CBD skin care products can work wonders. The science is clear, and your skin will be too, once you regularly use a lotion containing CBD.

Ready to be the best, healthiest, and most confident version of you? Make sure to thoroughly examine the ingredient list when purchasing your next CBD skin care product. The lotion of your choice must contain enough CBD per milligram to be effective, and it also should be all-natural, from the U.S., and carefully extracted for purity.. Simply put, choose your CBD products wisely, and your skin will surely thank you.