Not So Scary: How to Choose CBD Beauty Products

how to choose cbd products


Sheet masks and clay masks and CBD Butt Balm, oh my! To some, perhaps these things sound scary. We here at BAWDY, however, couldn’t be more excited for mask season - even if Halloween masks aren’t exactly associated with butt masks…whatever, details.

And while the season may be spooky, one thing shouldn’t be - CBD beauty products. We understand that products containing CBD may act as both a source and solution for anxiety, so let’s unravel the points that can cause anxiety and get to the part about firm, moisturized, and beautiful skin thanks to this wondrous weed.

So, CBD is Absorbed Through My Skin? 

While delivery methods differ (oil, butter, cream, balm, and lotion), they’re all effective at delivering an abundance of benefits including wrinkle reduction, acne control, and more. So, yes, CBD is absorbed through our skin and for good reason. We have a boatload of cannabinoid receptors in our epidermis, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands, making CBD and our skin a beautiful match made in nature.

Can CBD Cause Skin Irritation?

Dermatologists agree that there’s little to no harm in applying CBD to your skin. Like any skin care product, however, it’s possible to have irritating reactions such as redness, rash, or stinging. If you’re a newbie to the whole CBD beauty products thing, it might be best to test products out on a small area of skin before slathering it all over. If you do have an unwanted reaction, be sure to contact your doctor or dermatologist.

Cool, but is CBD Legal in Cosmetics?

CBD isn’t new. In fact, it was discovered in 1940 but its structure was not fully analyzed and understood until 1963. And while CBD was discovered more than 20 years prior to THC, THC has dominated cannabis research until recently. Both CBD and THC are components in the cannabis plant and cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug - meaning it’s illegal.

However, the use of CBD in cosmetics is not illegal. In April of 2019, the FDA even updated its guidelines to include clarification about CBD products saying that its use in cosmetics is not prohibited unless it causes “the product to be adulterated or misbranded in any way.” What this means is that companies can’t make false claims about what the product will do, they can’t use CBD that includes harmful ingredients, and they can’t make or fill the product in a deceptive way. So there you have it, CBD beauty products are perfectly legal.

Great! So What CBD Products are Best?

With any category of product that finds its way into the zeitgeist, misleading and confusing information often follows and CBD infused beauty products are no exception. For example, some products use hemp seed oil rather than CBD. And while hemp seed oil for skin does have benefits, it doesn’t do what CBD does. And there’s been a  lot of talk about CBD helping to grow hair- spoiler alert, the jury’s still out on that one.

Luckily, we’re big fans of CBD and we’ve rounded up some of the best products out there. So let’s get to it.

  • Our pick for the best CBD body lotion goes to Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion. It’s made with 200mg of full spectrum CBD derived from select hemp harvested in the United States and comes in a fragrance free version.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to CBD skin care benefits, they’re bountiful. But, with anything, make sure it’s right and works for you. We here at BAWDY believe that self-care is a priority so just make sure you take time for that, and if your self-love routine happens to involve a CBD-infused product, high five, man!