Winter Skin, Who Dis?

winter skin essentials


Winter brings with it many a delight; hot toddies, apres ski, and close encounters with bae on cold nights are indulgent and welcome. However, not everything ushered in with the frosty winter weather is so appealing. Drier, tighter, duller, and flaking skin are the four horsemen of the season hardest on our skin.

Don’t worry, though, these annoying skin challenges aren’t the end of the world. We have some easy winter skin care tips that will leave your skin, from your fact to your butt and beyond, glowing like it did during the summer solstice. Here’s the best part - bae can even get in on the action. Winter just got hot.

At First Brush

Celebs like Kelly Ripa, Miranda Kerr, and Tracy Ellis Ross swear by a morning dry brush sesh. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this ancient practice, it is exactly what it sounds like - brushing the skin while it’s dry. Sounds super simple, right? It is. It only takes a New York minute! But that doesn’t mean that the exfoliating effects are. This practice does everything from promoting lymphatic flow and increasing circulation to exfoliation and nervous system stimulation. Dry brush exfoliants can be used all over, too, even on your beautiful face. Good morning!

On the Moisturizer

Whipping winter winds, dry indoor heat, and steaming hot showers can all suck our skin as dry as a Slim Jim. Hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils. Suddenly, we’re all out here with fine lines and itchy skin trying to not look like the Crypt Keeper. It’s tricky, though, because if you don’t already have combination skin, the winter months can easily introduce you to it by trying to hydrate with the wrong moisturizer. Even worse, you might pick up a moisturizing lotion that's too heavy and cause milia and breakouts. 

Opt for hydrating products, like our Bite It hydrating and toning collagen butt mask or our Clay Butt Mask (that’s equally beneficial if used all over the body) that use Sodium Hyaluronate. This derivative of Hyaluronic Acid is compatible with all skin types, from sensitive skin to oily skin, providing beneficial hydration for people of all ages, gentle enough to use twice a day, and doesn’t negatively interact with any other ingredients. 

Get Balmed

Some dustings during the winter are fun, like the first snow or powdered sugar on your favorite holiday cookie. But have you ever peeled off your black leggings to find a dusting of dry skin inside? Dead skin cells and dryness aren't our ideas of winter cheer, and it's not a problem you can just solve with a humidifier. You better get balmed.

With a one-two punch that locks in moisture and protects against cold weather windburn and chapping, try slathering these multi-talented products all over your body for silky smooth skin. Our Nipple & Areola Stick is non-toxic and nourishing, so it can double as a lip balm. Similarly, our CBD Butt Balm can be applied all over the body. Can’t reach somewhere? Ask bae for assistance and don’t be afraid to turn your self-care Sunday into a sensual date night that will leave your skin feeling delicious.

What UV is What You Get

Just because the sun hits us at a low, indirect angle in the winter doesn’t mean its aging UVA rays have lost their power; they aren’t seasonal and neither is SPF - just ask Rihanna. So while you may have packed away the beach chairs and flip-flops, keep that suncream close to use on all of your exposed skin, think hands, face, and décolletage. Try picking up a sunscreen that's SPF 30 or above.

The Bottom Line

Slightly altering your skincare routine can help combat dry winter skin challenges and even boost your mood and energy. Whether its with a Vitamin C night cream, a gentle cleanser, a retinol toner, or a shea butter moisturizer. Taking the time to truly care for yourself by planning out a routine, picking the right skin care products, massaging them into your skin, and appreciating your body is truly indulgent. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but we here at BAWDY feel like there’s really something to healthy skin and an unapologetic self-care routine that’s freeing, empowering, and maybe even sexy.