Our Top 3 Recommended Body Washes For Men

Dad teaches you a lot - how to shave, how to change a flat tire, how to cook the perfect medium char-grilled burger. But some things dad taught us should be graciously left in the past. That green bar soap you grew up seeing pops use? Irish Spring? You know the one. Ditch it. There’s more fun to be had in the shower than just simply wash - rinse - repeat. 

We’re here to help you level up your shower game and get that hard-working body the care it deserves. 

Don’t Over-Do It

One mistake most people make is using too much cleanser too often. We know you’re a dirty, dirty boy, but are you covered in mud and dust? If so - by all means, use soap; use soap all over. But if you just got hot and sweaty in the sack and want to hop in the shower, don’t use too much soap because your skin doesn’t need it. 

Pay close attention to the warm areas bacteria like to cozy up to the butt, pits, and groin. Other than that, residual soap leftover from other areas is more than enough if you’re just doing a quick, freshen-up shower. 

It can be easy to mindlessly pump your shower gel into your palms as you think about what you’re going to order for dinner, but using too much soap is not only a waste of money, but it can dry out and irritate your skin. To prevent this, opt for a shakeable, power-to-foam body wash that allows you to seriously control how much soap you’re using at a time. This is a clean option for your dirty mishaps, containing sustainable and non-toxic ingredients like seaweed and kaolin

#1 Post-Workout

A nice shower post-workout is not only necessary for hygiene, but it can also boost your body’s ability to bounce back and get ready for your next workout. This is because showering can pull the lactic acid - the natural chemical reaction that causes soreness - out. 

Cold vs. Hot

Hot steamy showers may feel close to orgasmic after a hard workout, but a cold shower may be the more beneficial route. For years, athletes have taken ice baths to help alleviate sore muscles for sports injuries because ice brings down soreness and discomfort. And when you bring your core body temperature down, freshly oxygenated blood rushes to that area -- speeding up recovery time. 

To reap the benefits of a cold shower, it doesn’t need to be ice cold. Simply below 70 degrees will suffice, and you can also ease yourself into it. On the flip side, hopping into an ice-cold shower right after a workout could cause the muscles to stiffen and your heart rate to increase. 

For best results, start your shower in lukewarm to moderately warm water, scrub your pits, then slowly turn down the heat and gradually ease yourself into the cold stream for the perfect cool down for your muscles. Breathe, embrace the cold, and most importantly mind over matter. 

#2 Post-Swim

Whether you’re catching barrels surfing in the ocean, or doing some laps in the pool, washing off after a dip is crucial. 

The ocean is home to tons of bacteria, fecal matter, and pathogens, to name a few. Showering after swimming in natural bodies of water will help you reduce the risk of contracting infections and rashes. Scrubbing down will wash that nasty bacteria from your skin’s surface and your hair right down the drain. 

#3 Post-Sex

You know you should pee after sex, and you may like showering afterward, too, because it’s an intimate cool down with your partner before snuggling up all warm and cozy. But depending on how hot and heavy you get in the sheets; chances are you worked up a pretty hefty sweat: the perfect opportunity for pores to clog and breakouts to come next. 

Lingering semen, fluids, and juices, despite claims that it’s good for your skin and wrinkles, and chapped lips...yes, we’ve heard it all too - actually can cause irritation if it’s left to linger for an extended period of time. 

Shower Tools

Whether you’re a minimalist guy or love having all the tools to help level up your skincare game, proper exfoliating is needed if you want to have healthy skin, especially if you shave your body. Hairy chested guys - we’re looking at you. 

Exfoliation is key in giving your skin that good shower-loving it’s needing. Dead skin cells clump on your skin, making your skin appear duller-- and exfoliating gently rubs this lingering layer off without irritating the fresh skin cells beneath. Not to mention it feels damn good. These tools also come in handy when you’re alone in the shower trying to reach those impossible spots between your shoulder blades and the middle of your back. 

Before we get into this - it is of the utmost importance to note when you start using any tool that can retain water - since it is a breeding ground for bacteria. The lifespan of these tools is only a couple of months. Don’t get lazy on this, or you could put yourself at risk for bacterial infections or E.Coli. 

Here are some great tools to consider and how to keep them spiffy and sanitary:  

The Loofah

Loofahs are a widely-used fan favorite for their ability to lather up, exfoliate, cleanse the skin, and stimulate blood circulation. Not to mention rubbing them over your skin in circular motions as opposed to simply using your hand feels frickin’ awesome. Just watch out for skin redness after use - if you experience this, it is likely you’re rubbing it too hard, and the loofah might be too abrasive - so you should opt for something a bit gentler, so you don’t damage that skin barrier. 

Maintaining your loofah and when to say goodbye.

As nice as they may seem, loofahs can come with some risks. When you hang your loofah up to dry in the shower after use, it still collects moisture and steam, and those dead skin cells happily fraternize in that moist place where they get it on with one another -- growing and multiplying. 

To avoid this, instead of simply hanging it in the shower or on the bath hook (no judgment, we’re guilty of this too) use a towel to thoroughly wring out moisture and do your best to dry it. Then, hang it in a cool, dry place outside your bathroom (shocker, right?) 

It is also suggested to clean your loofah once a week. You can do this by dipping it in a mixture of 10% bleach and water for five minutes, then rinsing thoroughly with cold water before wringing out. This kills bacteria and reduces your risk of being subject to any contamination of accumulated growth. 

Lastly, toss your loofah every three to four weeks. Honestly, we probably wouldn’t take the time to bleach dip our loofahs -- like if our lives depended on it. Cue option two...

Non-porous Silicon Scrubber

The less temperamental, lower maintenance, and equally satisfying silicon scrub brush is the perfect alternative. It mimics a more-squeaky caress of your lover’s fingertips and gets the job done without holding onto any unwanted bacteria. 

This approach could be more sanitary, but silicone is an excellent option for sensitive skin. It is much less abrasive, and because the scrubber is made of silicon, as opposed to a porous material like a loofah, it doesn’t hold on to those leftover skin cells. Wash the scrubber with soap and water, pat dry, and leave it in a cool, dry place. 

The Back-Reacher Scrubber

It’s just plain science that men have more oil glands than women, so it’s important to reach all areas, making the back-reaching loofah or scrubber the perfect solution. Having a scrubber on a long stick makes it easy to reach all those unreachable areas and also gives yourself a good back scratch to hit all those spots you can never get to. 

The Bawdy Tool

This custom-crafted tool was designed for smooth, broad strokes that promote healthy blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This practice dates back to the Ming Dynasty, called Gua Sha, and was initially used by farmers to ease the discomfort and irritation of sore muscles after a long days’ work. Using this tool improves circulation and helps release negative or stuck energy. 

Use it in the shower or right after with some CBD-infused, toning body oil to allow the tool to glide smoothly over those sexy sore muscles. With natural ingredients like marula oil, patchouli oil, frankincense, and horsetail extract- You’ll be able to amply your body post-shower in a more sensual way. 

In Conclusion

We’re not here to judge; being dirty is fun. Getting dirty is even more fun. So don’t refrain from getting filthy, dirty, as long as you have a good grooming plan ahead. We got your back, dude. 


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