The Ultimate Me-Time

The Ultimate Me-Time

It all starts in the shower

How many times have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram, looking at Vogue-worthy images of people serenely lounging in a bath, surrounded by clouds of bubbles and the amber glow of candles while slowly sipping on a deep breath of wine? This scene, usually simply captioned with something like “Give yourself some me-time,” is both aspirational and fictional.

For reference, a 2019 OnePoll study found that the ideal amount of ‘me-time’ is 51 minutes per day - or about six hours per week.

Cut to reality. Most of us don’t have the time or energy - on a daily basis - to plan the elaborate home-spa escapes that bombard our social media feeds. And, some of us might not even have bathtubs. But, there’s something magical in our bathrooms. Something that can grant us the elusively quiet, solitary, self-reflective, centering and - wait for it - daily ‘me-time’ time we all crave now more than ever. “What is this magical bathroom creature?”, you may ask. Your shower. 

Power Shower

Everything from energetic kids and frazzled partners to overflowing laundry bins, and needy pets demand our attention and time. But our shower is the one place where we can unapologetically take time to focus all of our attention on us. This simple daily ritual allows us to shed restrictive clothing, our exhausting ties to technology, and maybe we’ll even shed some cleansing tears.

The best part - we get to do it all in blissful peace. There are no screens full of notifications, no bothersome bickering, and no irritating asks. Whether it be 15 or 50 minutes, the time we spend in the shower is a totally uninterrupted experience of self-focus, a time to recharge, a chance to regain our power.

Time After Time

No matter how many apps, gadgets, and hacks we use to save time, we somehow always find ourselves pressed for it, trying to find it, and wishing we had more of it. If time is the ultimate luxury, time to yourself is the holy grail, so let’s make the most of it.

Use your time in the shower to invigorate your senses. Wrap your body in products that inspire feeling yourself through touch and water-activated cleansers like our new BAWDY Wash. Use naturally scented brands that grant you a sensual escape with a delicate blend of summer florals, for example. And keep it beneficial for both you and our environment by using personal care products that are non-toxic and cleanly wash away with no worry of harming our fragile oceans.

The Bottom Line

You deserve ‘me-time’ and that doesn’t mean it has to be an exhausting barre class, it doesn’t have to mean reading five chapters in that book, it doesn’t even have to be a bubble bath. It can simply be a quiet, uninterrupted shower. So get naked, get in the shower, and get to focusing on you.