Must-Have Essentials for Traveling in 2020

Travel essentials for women in 2020


Historically, the months between Thanksgiving and the new year are the most heavily traveled here in the U.S. While this year’s travels will look a bit different (most of us switching to Zoom) for those who will take on the adventure, one thing won’t change – we’ll all be wondering what travel essentials are necessary besides hand sanitizer, especially when it comes to packing our toiletry bag.

Traveling delivers much joy, however, it also changes our usual day-to-day patterns. Everything from anxiety, stress, dehydration, alcohol, change in climate, and lack of sleep can throw your beauty routine into a tizzy.

So while some of you will be hopping on a plane or train for a remote respite, others will pack into the family car, en route to a much-needed staycation. Either way, we here at BAWDY have curated a list of must-have travel accessories. From eco-friendly shampoos and conditioners to a kit that’ll stop a sudden breakout in its tracks, we’ve got everything you need for your furlough from the couch. Aww yiss!


**First and foremost, be sure to pack your favorite hands sanitizers and plenty of face masks to protect your health.

1.We’re all out here carrying around hand sanitizer like it’s just as vital as our cell phone. When traveling, it’s even more important to have disinfectant on-hand as you’ll be encountering a lot more surfaces that are shared by more people than those in your immediate family – think gas pumps, door handles, touch-screens, and tv remotes. Space-saving Clorox Disinfectant Wipes for Travel and on the Go are our pick for sanitizing surfaces before you use them to save your skin from harsh sanitizer.
2. Sleeping in a new place, jet lag, alcohol, and foods we don’t typically consume can all disrupt our sleep. Wait...aren’t getaways supposed to be relaxing? We sure think they are. That’s why we recommend packing a natural sleep aid like CBD + CBN or a blend of cacao, Ashwagandha and mushroom from DOPE Naturally – Relax Me (to help you sleep better) and Arouse Me (to wake up rested) so you can actually enjoy your trip.
3. Faced with the aforementioned challenges, your skin is likely to revolt. One of the most common side effects that travelers experience when it comes to their skin is dryness.  Step one in combating and preventing dry skin while traveling is using a gentle exfoliator. Try our easy-to-apply Clay Butt Mask that exfoliates, hydrates, and can be used on skin beyond your butt so feel free to slather it anywhere your skin is feeling parched.
4. Step two for keeping your skin hydrated is slathering on a nourishing moisturizer. Our compact CBD Butt Balm, which you can buy in conjunction with the Clay Butt Mask as our Butt Stick Duo, moisturizes and rejuvenates skin. Again, you can use this product all over your body, so no need to pack multiple moisturizers. Win!
5. Nothing ruins a holiday like a breakout. Unfortunately, the trials of travel make it likely. Luckily, Patchology has created this nifty acne fighting Breakout Box Acne Treatment Kit that makes it easy to spot treat buzz killing blemishes. 
6.Travel light and save the hustle of transporting (mostly) water in your shampoos and conditioners. Besides being clean beauty, free of sulfates and parabens, powder shampoos and hair care products from OWA are good for you and good for the planet.

    The Bottom Line

    We’re all in need of some human connection and hope your travel and holiday plans safely allow for it. We hope these tips can help make your journey a little less stressful and a bit more enjoyable. Share your favorite BAWDY products to travel with by connecting with our community at @bawdybeauty. Bon voyage!