The Best Clay Masks for Any Part of the Body

When people talk about clay masks, you most likely immediately think of ones for your face, right? These are clearly the most common. Plenty of commercials for day spas show off attractive women with bright green or brown clay on their faces with crisp slices of cucumber laid delicately over their eyes while they relax in soft, fluffy white robes. It all looks very posh and appealing!

But did you know that your face isn't the only thing that you can pamper with a clay mask? That's right; you can soothe just about any part of your body if you find the right masks. And why not? Skin is your body's largest organ because it covers all of you. If there are hair masks and face masks, why shouldn't there be masks for the rest of you?

Well, there are! So, let’s explore the wonderful world of clay masks together and see which parts of your body are missing out on a little soothing TLC!  

Face Masks

Everyone’s go-to beauty secret! Although they are the easiest to find, it can be difficult to choose between all of the clay face masks on the market. So, how do you decide? First, make sure you look for a company that uses all-natural ingredients and no artificial fillers that can irritate your skin. Depending on what you are hoping to do with the mask may dictate what kind of clay you use.

When you're deciding on which clay face mask to try, think about the type of clay the mask uses, so you can pick out the right one for your beauty needs. Clay types include:

  • Green clay: detoxifies your skin but may be too harsh for sensitive skin.
  • Kaolin clay: gently cleanses and hydrates your face, although it doesn't work well for people with a ton of acne.
  • Red clay: the iron oxide in this clay helps to reduce inflammation and redness.
  • Purple clay: a variant of Kaolin clay, this type of mask just moisturizes without absorbing your facial oils, so it’s best for dry skin.
  • Yellow clay: this is a balanced clay for people with skin that is essentially normal and doesn't fall hard to one side of the spectrum of either oily or dry.
  • Pink clay: a combination of Kaolin and red clay, it manages to be a deep cleaning clay that is also easier for sensitive skin to handle.
  • Blue clay: you don't see this one very often, but it leaves a special kind of protection on your skin after locking in the moisture and drawing out impurities, so if you want to try something a little adventurous, blue clay might be right for you.

Hand Masks

Your hands do so much – they deserve some love! Your hands help you do a lot throughout the day, and they deserve some pampering every now and then. If you are tired of dealing with dry skin from washing dishes or calluses from daily work, a hand mask can go a long way for some moisture and TLC. If you really want to go the extra mile, try also applying a clear coat of nail varnish to keep your nails looking sleek and prevent breakage.

Even if you don't do manual labor, between washing your hands and performing basic chores around the house, your hands take quite the beating every day. Plenty of people complain that their hands are itchy or dry, especially during the winter, and clay masks are a great way to combat that dry skin. So, give your hands the gift of silky smoothness – they are sure to love it!

Feet Masks

If your hands work hard, imagine what your feet go through each day. Whether you slip on a pair of high heels in the morning or sturdy boots, your feet have to get you through the day when you need to go from point A to point B. That is a lot of walking when you think about it! Even if you have a mostly sedentary job, your feet still need to carry you around the office, the grocery store, to the backyard to play, or around the block when you go jogging.

Your feet deserve the best, and that’s why there are clay masks made specifically for them. If you are skeptical, try booties first. They slip over your feet and then stay there for a period of time, usually between 20 and 30 minutes, before you remove them and rinse your feet off. If nothing else, it is a great excuse to put your feet up for a while and make other people bring things to you for a nice change of pace.

Your feet are often the roughest, toughest part of your body, so giving them a little soothing, rejuvenating mask time is well deserved!

Chest Masks

A problem area for many people dealing with acne is the chest. Regardless of gender or age, the upper chest can be extremely sensitive, and no one wants to break out there (or anywhere). Using a clay face mask or other types of clay masks specifically made to detoxify your skin can be applied to your chest and left on for the same amount of time.

A word of caution: if you have a particularly hairy chest, you might find the removal of the mask takes off some of those hairs. Be gentle when washing the mask away. Don't just take a wet cloth and scrape the clay off. Instead, submerge the area in warm or cool water and gently remove the clay to avoid pulling out any of those hairs and leaving you with a painful memory.

If you are looking for something a little extra for the chest area, consider using a nipple balm. Like with lip balm, the nipple balm soothes and softens the nipples. Any place you have skin can get dried out, but some places are pretty darn painful when they do! So, give your chest and nipples the extra love and care they deserve!

Butt Masks

Say hello to that booty! You may not think about your booty very often since it’s behind you, but your butt can benefit from a clay mask just as much as the rest of your body. A butt mask may seem awkward to apply, but by using a convenient stick, you can easily spread the clay over that booty and let it dry before washing it off. You'll leave behind some seriously smooth and firm skin, and your butt will never have looked or felt better!

If you need more convincing, try a single use sheet mask for your butt first and bask in the amazing results. You will quickly notice that your skin is brighter and more toned. Your daily squats won't go in vain with the help of a butt mask that keeps your booty perfectly squeezable!


The Benefits of Clay Masks

It's hard to overstate the benefits of clay masks for every part of your body. Besides moisturizing your skin, the clay also draws out impurities and toxins that can cause rashes, skin irritation, acne, and blackheads. Whether you are hoping that the clay mask can help keep your skin clear or you just want to hydrate during the winter, there is no wrong time or place to cover yourself in some clay, sit back, and relax for a while.

Wet clay soaks up the excess oil on your face, especially in the forehead and across the cheeks. As the clay lays on your face or other parts of the body, it absorbs that oil and purifies the skin while also preventing moisture from escaping. Locking in that moisture is why your skin feels so soft after you take the clay mask off.

Your skin is constantly replenishing itself, which means that you always have a layer of dead skin cells waiting to be sloughed off. The clay also absorbs them and takes them off along with the clay after it has dried.

Some people find that they break out a lot after the first and second uses of a clay mask because their skin isn't used to having all of the impurities brought to the surface. Other people find that their skin is somewhat red or tingly after using a clay mask because of the loss of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells may end up trapping dirt or sweat to form acne in extreme cases, but typically the layer of dead skin exists to protect the new skin underneath.

Some clays are harsher on the skin than others, so you should always monitor your skin during the clay mask use and afterward.

To get the most out of a clay mask, you should exfoliate your skin before putting the mask on wherever you choose to put it. Exfoliating sloughs off some of the dead skin cells prematurely, but it also gets rid of the dust and other things you have encountered throughout the day that may have inadvertently gotten onto your skin. For the same reasons, you should wash your hands before applying the clay, so you don't end up mixing in whatever you have been touching into the clay.

In Conclusion – Clay Masks Are Fair Game to Put Wherever You Need Them Most 

Are you suddenly wanting to sneak into your bathroom and indulge in a little clay mask self-care? Then we say, go for it! If you’ve been looking for a great way to give yourself a spa day from the comfort of your own home, then try some clay masks for every part of your body that needs a little appreciation and TLC.

Your body is beautiful, and your skin always deserves some pampering. Wherever you may be dealing with annoying acne, red or irritated skin, or even just dry skin that could use some hydration, a clay mask is sure to leave you as soft as a baby's bottom. And let’s face it, everyone loves some soft, smooth silky skin, so treat yourself to some clay mask indulgence. You won’t regret it!