How BAWDY Uses Clean Beauty to Care for Your Butt

Shake It Butt Mask Bawdy Beauty

From clean medicine to vegan makeup brands, there has been a huge influx of companies offering clean, non-toxic products. As a company that prides itself on a mission of sourcing clean, high-quality ingredients, we couldn’t be happier that this movement continues to gain momentum - and with good reason.

Why is Clean Beauty Better?

Using clean cosmetics not only benefit the individual who uses them but they also tend to benefit the planet due to the way they’re sourced and produced. We here at BAWDY are all about empowering you to be the best version of yourself that you can, and that’s exactly what clean beauty helps accomplish.

By using clean beauty products, you rid your body of exposure to nasty, toxic, and carcinogenic ingredients. Because clean products avoid using unsafe synthetic ingredients or ones with harmful fillers, you can generally avoid unnecessary skin irritations as well. However, some individuals may have allergic reactions to select natural ingredients so labels should always be read carefully for known allergens. Finally, because these ingredients are naturally occurring, they’re more effective as they are biocompatible - or easier for our bodies to break down and use properly.

Being eco-friendly is another factor a lot of clean cosmetics are able to tout. For example, our products are cruelty-free. Additionally, many brands utilize processes that organically grow ingredients, avoiding the use of pesticides and fertilizers that can pollute water from rivers and streams to the ocean. 

The BAWDY Promise

BAWDY has high ethical standards and we’re committed to them. Our products are clean - free of ingredients linked to health impacts like skin irritation, hormone disruption, and more - and they’re cruelty-free to benefit you as well as the environment. We’re proud of the work we put into our safe cosmetics that keep you free from harm, clean and booty-ful so you can feel beautiful inside and out. 

Check out some of the clean ingredients we use in our products that are made from scratch:

Butt Masks

squeeze it butt mask bawdy beauty

Many of the ingredients in our butt masks read like a menu at a juice bar. They include fruits from lemon, grapefruit, and cucumber to goji berries and orange peels. We use plant-based collagen, aloe, and oat extract as well. And this makes sense! The same ingredients that do good inside your body, do your booty good, too

Clay Butt Mask

clay butt stick bawdy beauty

Our detoxifying clay mask is made with naturally occurring kaolin and Montmorillonite clay, willow bark and green tea extract, and apple amino acids for the ultimate in purifying and firming.

CBD Butt Balm

CBD butt balm bawdy beauty

Our moisturizing CBD balm is made with organically grown, full-spectrum hemp, Mediterranean brown algae, hyaluronic acid, and kelp extract so you can plump, plump, plump it up! 

Whether you’re looking for cruelty-free butt care or all-natural makeup, there are options out there. No excuses - “clean” it up!