10 Forms of Stress Relief During Intense Times

We all have stress in our lives, no matter what causes it. Some of us have stress that revolves around work, some of us have stress regarding our partners, and others need a break from the stress of their kids. No matter what your stress is, there are certain times in life when it can feel overwhelming to say the least. The good news is that we’ve all been there, so you’re not alone!

Whatever causes your stress, there are some super helpful ways that may help you eliminate at least some of it, so you can be your best self!

Everyone is unique and different, so the reflective self-care that melts stress away for one person may not quite hit the spot for you! Let’s explore the wonderful world of stress relief to see what strikes your fancy.


Meditation is an excellent form of stress release when you have a few minutes a day that you can dedicate to yourself. This isn’t the easiest thing to do -- and the first few sessions may feel a little strange -- but you may be surprised how soothing it becomes. There are plenty of guided meditation apps out there that can help you learn how to meditate and keep you on task.

The great part is there are different types of meditation, lengths, and instructors. The best thing you can do is start practicing meditation now, so when that super intense moment strikes, you will be fully prepared to use it as a tool to breathe your worries away.

Take A Bubble Bath 

Let’s face it, bubbles make everything better! Another fantastic option is to take a relaxing bubble bath when an intense situation has you tied in knots. Even if you have to get yourself a bath tray and answer emails while you are in there (though hopefully you don’t have to do this), the warm water will relax your muscles and help you destress.

If you want to set the scene, add some lightly scented candles, grab yourself a glass of wine (or bubbly to go with your bubbles), play some soft music in the background, and just be present in the moment. There’s no wrong or right way to get lost in your bubbly paradise!

Get Your Body Moving 

Let’s get physical! Exercise has a ton of benefits, but we rarely talk about the mental health benefits it has. Thanks to Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, we all know that exercise releases endorphins, but it doesn’t always mean going to the gym and running for hours.

Be kind to your body -- while you certainly can get a heavy sweat in, something as calm as a yoga or a tai chi class can help you release your stress and tension.

Release Some Endorphins a Different Way 

Ready for some serious stress busting? Like we mentioned above, endorphins are your body’s natural stress relievers and there’s a couple easy ways you can get them circulating -- aside from doing some heart pumping exercise, getting your heart racing in a different way with your special someone is another stress reliever worth making some time for!

Even if you have to plan it out, having some intimate time with your partner actually works to relieve tensions and stress throughout your body. If you can plan for the night, pull out your favorite things to wear, prep your body so you feel your sexiest (may we suggest our nipple-areola stick?), set the scene, and escape from your stress.

Jot It All Down 

Remember in school when teachers used to have us do “brain dumps” to get our thoughts out? This wasn’t because they wanted a few extra minutes to savor their coffee. They actually knew it was a great way to get out excess stress and energy. Set a timer on your phone, and take that time to jot down everything that is stressing you out. Let it all out!

You can do this on a piece of paper and throw that piece away as soon as you are done, or you can keep a brain dump journal that you can look back on -- once again, there is no right or wrong way. Destressing is all about you. You can write about your stressors, anything that comes to mind, or even write about how you are going to tackle what is causing you stress.

Mask It Up 

Lose yourself in a rejuvenating mask. We all know that self-care is more than masks -- but sometimes, a mask is just what you need. If you are stressed, taking even 15 minutes to relax and lather on a mask can give you some of the peace you need to re-energize yourself. 

You can even mask and do some of the other forms of stress release on this list! Mask and journal, mask while you are taking a bath, or mask while meditating. It’s your time, so enjoy it.

If you don’t like using face masks because they cause you to break out, there are plenty of other types of masks out there. You can do a butt mask, a hair mask, or even a foot mask -- anything to recreate that soothing spa feeling right at home!


Stop and smell the roses! Okay, we know that when people are stressed, they usually don’t feel like they have time to stop what they are doing and try a new stress relief technique. Many of us think that taking that time out will cause more stress. So, what about stress relief that you can do while you are tackling that mountain of work or making dinner? Yes, please!

In comes aromatherapy. While not all forms of aromatherapy works to a huge extent right away (though there is something to say about the placebo effect), lavender in particular has been found to be a great scent for stress relief.

Put a diffuser in your office and get some high-quality lavender essential oil, use a lavender hand lotion, or burn a lavender candle to help eliminate some of the stress that is tying you up.

People Can You Make You Happy 

When you are stressed, do you tend to go into hiding until you are done with your work? Consider going to be near other people, if possible. Whether you want to work in an office common space, take a trip to the coffee shop, or invite a friend over for the day, proximity can be extremely helpful when you’re stressed.

If you can’t be around people, consider playing some music or turning on your favorite show in the background, so you can have some kind of company. You can even ask a friend to Zoom with you, brainstorm ideas, or just chat for a few for a little escape.

Express Gratitude

Super stressed and just feel like the world is against you? We’ve all been there! However, when you are really stressed and things don’t seem to be going your way, take a moment and think about what is going right in your life.

This doesn’t excuse whatever stress is going on -- sometimes life really just isn’t all that fair -- but there is always a reason to fight through that stress and come out on the other side. Count your blessings, it’ll help even for just a little bit.

Scream It Out 

Grab that pillow! Sometimes stress really just makes you just want to yell -- so do it! Seriously, just let out a few good screams. You can do it while you are sitting in traffic, while you are in the shower, or even into a pillow if you have no other options.

Once you scream, you will feel some of the tension in your body release. If this works for you, consider looking for other ways to let out the noise that is building up in your body -- take a workout class where you can grunt or yell (like a boxing class), sing out loud when you are home alone, or consider going to talk therapy. 

In Conclusion: Stress Release Looks Different for Everyone

We’re all unique, and that’s what makes us beautiful! What works for you when it comes to stress relief may not look like stress relief for someone else. In fact, what you use for stress relief could cause other people even more stress on top of what they’re already feeling.

Not sure what works for you? No problem! Feel free to try a few of the options on this list to really find what stress relief is your cup of tea during those intense times.

Be honest with yourself about what works for you, and never underestimate the power of good food, good company, a little self-touch, and a thoughtful plan of attack!