7 of the Best Smelling Body Washes That Will Linger in the Air

Although widely overlooked compared to your ability to taste, see, or feel -- a sense of smell is a superpower never to be underestimated. Wanna you ruin his life? Smell like vanilla every day, then break his heart. He’ll throw his mom’s vanilla bean daydream candle straight out the window. Just kidding. Don’t do that. But, your sense of smell has a distinct ability to evoke powerful memories since smells are processed by the limbic system and on a direct route to the amygdala and hippocampus-- the regions related to emotion and memory. 

How you smell seriously impacts people’s perception of you, your association with their memory and could also impact how much they like you. In case you don’t care all that much about what others think of you, smelling great increases your confidence - and when you feel confident, everything in life is just better! 

#1 Fragrance-Free

Fragrances, parfum, scented, infused, whatever you want to call it, all have one thing in common: they’re often artificial, chemical, and not good for you. The award-winning powder-to-foam wash by Bawdy Beauty has no artificial scents yet is thoughtfully crafted with ingredients that evoke invigorating florals, mixed with your very special pheromones, of course.  

We Aint Nothin’ But Mammals

One sexy word: pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals that an animal (yes, you) produces that unconsciously affect another animal of the same species, eliciting a potential change to their mood and emotions. With this natural scent unique to you and appealing to others, do you even need a body wash that smells like Tahiti? And for this reason, we contest, the best smelling body wash is the body wash without a smell at all. 

#2 Essential Oil Infused

The light at the end of the tunnel, though, is that body washes can get super creative by using natural ingredients that do double duty. The key to look for here is essential oils. If a product contains all-natural, organic essential oils, this means (yup-you guessed it) they’re not bad for you. Some of the best, lingering essential oils are as follows: 

Lavender Oil - Lavender has a calming effect and carries easily through the air. People will instantly feel calmer when you enter a room, and if you always smell like lavender, their psyche will positively correlate calmness with your presence. Ever hear of Classical Conditioning and Pavlov’s dog? Check it out. 

Eucalyptus Oil - This essential oil does double duty: it has you smelling refreshing and keeps the bugs away. It is used often as a botanical alternative to bug spray but smells nothing like OFF! we promise. Besides that fun fact, eucalyptus oil is known to reduce emotional stress.

Cedarwood Oil - Having a similar calming effect as Lavender, Cedarwood Oil is a more woodsy, musky alternative. It inspires tranquility and the soothing feeling of being outdoors in the quiet wilderness.

#3 Vanilla

Another aphrodisiac appears to be vanilla. It releases the same chemical in your brain one may feel as their waiter walks their chocolate fudge meltdown topped with a large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream over to their place setting. 

When the brain senses vanilla, it doesn’t know if it’s about to get dessert or get laid -- but it is equally exciting. The smell and flavor of vanilla are believed to increase feelings of lust, and some studies show vanilla can even pump up the adrenaline! 

There’s a scientific reason why vanilla lingers in the air. When we smell or taste anything, our receptors are constantly wiping it away, preparing us for the next smell. (which is why sometimes you can’t smell your own B.O. because your nose is used to it!) The difference with vanilla, though, is the naturally-present “vanillin.” Vanillins hold open our receptors and slow down this wiping process, allowing for more time to experience the smell. Crazy, right? 

#4 Coconut

The smell of coconut is exotic, milky, and sweet with juicy undertones (uhm, goals). I mean, it is a tightly closed fruit just beckoning to be busted open, and its insides poured out. Anyway...

Who doesn’t love the soft, familiar, natural scent of palm trees swaying and a daiquiri in hand? This goes back to that good old smell x memory association. If someone has been on vacation in paradise, and you come in smelling like coconuts, they may be reminded of that one time on an island in Mexico, and those feelings of pure bliss may all come rushing back. 

#5 Sandalwood

Sandalwood is an earthy, rich, natural scent with depths of notes with a captivating yet subtle effect.  Exotic, yet soft, for an effortless, lingering aroma. It is an uplifting fragrance that can be calming and relaxing to the central nervous system. 

The base notes in sandalwood are cedarwood, amber, and musk. Cedarwood is the wood used in saunas, so sandalwood gives off a very spa-like, warm, relaxing vibe. Sandalwood is known to be a more masculine scent, a perfect gift for yourself or your man before you throw out his Axe shower gel with disdain. Women who prefer a more natural, subtle scent often opt for more earthy blends, and sandalwood is a great option. 

#6 Citrus

Orange, grapefruit, lemon. Anything citrus is uplifting and exhilarating. It evokes excitement, awakeness, and positivity. They say if you need a pick-me-up, sniff some citrus. Vitamin C-packed fruits have been shown to boost energy and alertness, so why wouldn’t a fragrance mimicking that smell does the same? 

Although most people are partial to lavender for its calming benefits, orange might just hold a candle to that belief - showing effects of stress and supports emotional wellness. Brazillian scientists had participants smell three substances: sweet orange essential oil, tea tree oil, and plain old water. They then were administered a stress test while having their vitals measured. It turns out, those who sniffed the orange were more relaxed during the exam, and the calming effects stuck around even after it ended. 

#7 Jasmine

This romantic fragrance derived from the white flowers of the jasmine plant found in tropical climates is used in some of the world’s most sought-after perfumes, including Chanel No. 5. Jasmine is complex and rich with many nuances, from sweet, fruity, to leathery. Men and women alike find it downright irresistible, and you will surely enjoy sudsing up with this scent as well as letting it linger around the room post-shower. 

Jasmine is a carnal aroma, and one of the most sensual scents out there believed to be an aphrodisiac…*immediately adds to Amazon cart*. It is a great aromatherapeutic option used for relieving depression and improving mood. Studies have shown that inhaling jasmine oil affected brain activity, with participants reporting feelings of positivity and energy. 

In Conclusion

Honestly, however you smell, you’ll attract the right mate who thinks your scent is absolutely sublime. The right mate will get drunk off your natural perfumes. What matters is that you like the way you smell. So whether that’s taking advantage of the natural aromas your body omits or adding in a little sweetness, sugar, or spice - walk into a room like you smell amazing, and everyone will know it when you leave -- should it linger or not. 


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