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  • "The perfect remedy for squat lovers to relax achy glutes and add extra firmness."

    — BRIT+CO

  • "...after removing my mask, the effect was tremend-ASS. I'd gotten the same effect as the lotions, but my hands didn't get covered in sparkles this time. My butt looked moisturized and as delicious as the peach emoji. I could feel the hydration, and the glow can only be compared to Jennifer Lopez's glitter in the music video for "Waiting For Tonight."

    — Amanda Mitchell, Marie Claire

  • "The credit for changing the discourse goes to pioneering brands like Bawdy Beauty, maker of the original butt mask"

    — Beauty Independent

  • "Something I try to do once a week that makes me feel empowered and in control of my well-being is, putting on a face mask and a butt mask. I know it sounds crazy but look into it. Butt masks are supposed to firm your butt and they actually work. When I’m done, I feel hot"

    — Andrea Russett