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The Bawdy Oil

Hydrating + Toning


A bold botanical blend designed to nourish your skin and ignite your senses. 

The Bawdy Oil is a CBD-Infused botanical Body Oil—the antidote to dull, dehydrated, stressed-out skin. A sensual blend of 300mg full-spectrum organic CBD oil and active, nutrient-rich botanicals supports faster cell recovery and helps to improve skin tone. The CBD oil enhances the healing powers of arnica to speed up muscular recovery to combat post-workout inflammation and soreness.

Luxurious and non-greasy, The Bawdy Oil is made for daily use or whenever your skin needs extra toning and hydration. Enjoy the benefits of daily self-touch—it’s the fastest way to Bawdy love. 

Fragrance Notes: A sensual fragrance made from clean essential oils. 

Patchouli powerful musk, sweet mossy nose

Marula warm, nutty undertone
Frankincense an earthy, fruity top note

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300mg full-spectrum organic cannabidiol (CBD) anti-inflammatory + soothing
Marula Oil  firming + moisturizing 
Patchouli Oil clarifying + glowing
Frankincense evens skin tone + aids cellular recovery
Arnica anti-inflammatory + restoring
Horsetail Oil repairing + restoring 
Sunflower Oil detoxifying 

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