How to Get a Smooth Butt

Clean Beauty for all Butt Types

At Bawdy we consider ourselves the foremost experts on butt beauty. Making your butt as smooth as possible is our mission and we want to give you all the details on how to get it done. Getting your butt smooth doesn’t require a ton of effort like making your butt bigger, but it does require some knowledge. We make it easy with our Squeeze It sheet mask. It perks up skin with lemon, exfoliates dead skin with orange peel, and evens skin tone for smooth buttocks with grapefruit. But if you prefer to achieve butt wellness the old fashion way, here are some tips and tricks to achieving the smoothest of butts.

Why Do Our Butts Get Bumpy?

Achieving a smooth butt means getting rid of acne and other types of bumps we can get on our butts. The first step to achieving a smooth butt requires understanding why your butt gets bumps in the first place. It's actually quite simple, skin is skin whether its on your butt, leg or face. You have to have a healthy skincare routine for all of your skin, including your derriere. Blocked or infected hair follicles will cause folliculitis near your thong just like it does on other parts of the body.

Butt Acne vs Folliculitis vs Keratosis Pilaris

The main culprit of bumpy butt is folliculitis which is erroneously called “acne” or "buttne". To the untrained eye it’s hard to tell the difference. They both just look like red bumps on your butt. However, acne only technically forms on your face, back and chest. Folliculitis rather are small red bumps caused by an or many infected or irritated hair follicles. Folliculitis can be caused by a staph infection of the hair follicles or by something as harmless as yoga pants trapping moisture on the skin of your butt.

Another culprit for a bumpy butt is keratosis pilaris. While that may sound scary, it is actually quite a common skin affliction. Essentially, what happens in keratosis pilaris is keratin, the main protein of hair, is overproduced and causes plugs in the hair follicles. It's similar to folliculitis in that the hair follicles are irritated - the main difference being the cause and how they look. Keratosis pilaris doesn’t look like pimples but rather really red goosebumps

The Best Ways to Make Your Butt Smooth

The best ways of eliminating folliculitis and keratosis pilaris come down to prevention in the first place. Being proactive will allow you to get ahead of skin bumps on your butt and finally achieve a smooth butt. Here are what we recommend are the best ways of achieving smoothness.

1. Bawdy Squeeze It Mask

Squeeze It Butt Mask

We are the butt beauty experts and we think our product is the best way to achieve butt smoothness. In particularly, the Squeeze It mask contains orange peel extract which is great for exfoliating the follicles and pores of the butt. The mask also contains cucumber extract which has been shown to reduce inflammation and swelling which should reduce the severity of the bumps on your butt.

2. Manage Your Sweating

Sweat is easy to accumulate on your butt. Sweat causes friction and irritation - as well as clog pores where infections can develop. By being diligent about showering after you know you will be sweating on your butt will help reduce the chance you will irritate the follicles on your butt.

3. Wearing Cotton Clothing

Women's Butt

You need clothing that lets moisture escape. In the age of yoga pants, this may be a tall task. Synthetic material like spandex does not breathe as well as cotton. The moisture gets trapped and rubs against the skin - causing folliculitis.

We recommend above to always shower as soon as possible after sweating. Realistically however, you're not going to be able to shower right after every time you sweat. Wearing the right clothing can mitigate the irritation until you can wash away the sweat. If you have serious issues with a bumpy butt then consider ditching the stretchy pants. It's the easiest home remedy you'll find. And if you wash with a delicate body wash or lotion including Marula oil or collagen, it can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

4. Exfoliate, Don’t Scrub

It may seem counterintuitive, but scrubbing your butt actually irritates the hair follicles. Don't rub in a circular motion with a harsh body scrub to get rid of breakouts before bikini season! Incorrect exfoliation can cause tiny tears in the delicate skin on your booty. Instead, you’ll want to non-physically exfoliate the skin on your butt. The Slap It butt mask is an excellent way to exfoliate the dead skin cells on your butt outside of the shower. The Slap It mask contains orange peel full of citric acids which are alpha hydroxy acids which are great for smoothing skin. It also has aloe leaf juice to regenerate and moisturize dry skin, while its goji berry is full of antioxidants your booty will love.

What if the Bumps Don’t Go Away?

While the methods we describe above should help mitigate most cases of folliculitis and other types of acne, there will be some instances where you should see a dermatologist. Folliculitis is often caused by infection and in some cases the infection is too much to be left unchecked. Remember that the methods we describe above are all preventative. Doing them may decrease your chance of future infection but if you have a serious current infection, you should consult a physician to see if you need antibiotics.If your bumps are caused by keratosis pilaris, then you may not have many options unfortunately. The cause of the affliction is unknown and often times the bumps just go away on their own eventually.