What Is Collagen Cream, And How Does It Work?

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There’s no denying that a curvy, plump, and firm rump is an aesthetic that’s both celebrated and sought-after. However, not everyone is naturally gifted with Jessica Rabbit-like curves. This leaves a lot of us asking, “How can I get a bigger bum, fast?” I know I do.

Whether used alone or in conjunction with a full booty transformation, butt creams and lotion can be a great way to immediately enhance your already beautiful bum. Here we break down which ones are best, possible side effects, and some tips and tricks associated with butt enhancement and hip up creams.

What Buttock Enhancement Creams are Best?

Unlike our faces, the skin on our behinds is thick, making it harder to penetrate. Some typical plumping ingredients like retinoids, used for collagen production, aren’t often found in body or butt creams as they’re expensive to produce, don’t penetrate in the skin layer far enough, aren’t formulated in a quantity that would be beneficial.

While products highlighting collagen-boosting ingredients are beneficial for your face, steer clear of enhancement creams featuring collagen for your toosh. When looking for an effective buttock enhancement cream, a major ingredient you’ll want to look for is caffeine. Try Bawdy's retexturing Slap It butt sheet mask made from scratch with natural ingredients like firming caffeine, moisturizing aloe, hydrating glycerin for dry skin, exfoliating orange peel, and antioxidants from goji berry. It's great for any skin type and any skin care routine.

What’s the Deal with Hip Up Cream?

“Hip up” or “hip lift up” cream is similar to butt enhancement cream in that its objective is to firm and enhance your derriere. Generally, creams marketed as “hip up” or “hip lift up” creams come from unestablished butt lift companies. And while we, as a small business ourselves, appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit, we would caution you to consider cosmetic regulations and guidelines in the country of origin as well as thoroughly researching ingredients for possible side effects. 

What are the Possible Side Effects?

Since our bums are made up mostly of muscle and fat, certain brands of both butt enlargement and hip up body creams can contain ingredients that promote fat production. Sounds good, right? The thing is, the ingredients in butt enlargement cream also alter our hormones - uh oh.

Too much or too little of most things can be detrimental and it’s no different in this case. These questionable augmentation ingredients are meant to increase the amount of adipose tissue, or body fat. There's a good reason you shouldn't start a hormone-altering treatment before consulting with a dermatologist or medical professional. When you have too much adipose tissue, hormones that control glucose levels and insulin resistance go haywire. Additionally, excess body fat can increase your chance of developing type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, among other complications. Hey, at least some products using these ingredients include a warning to not use when “menstruating, pregnant, or lactating.” Hmm.

Does Massaging Your Butt Make it Bigger?

The good news is, there are safe, clean products out there that can beautify your booty. And, how you apply them can add a little extra oomph to your plump. Vigorously massaging a cream, body lotion, or balm into the skin can produce an increase in local microcirculation and lymphatic return which will help to smooth and plump the area. Try our CBD Butt Balm which is recommended to apply in a circular motion all over your cheeks for a smooth, revitalized rump. The Hyaluronic Acid naturally hydrates, plumps, and nourishes, a toning and anti-aging moisturizer for a butt you'll want to checkout every day. 

In conclusion, creams and masks do work to enhance your bottom. From coconut oil and cocoa butter to guarana and cupuaçu butter, there are natural products that can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, enhance your butt, and improve the way your skin feels. Just make sure you’re buying from reputable sources and investing in products that use clean, safe ingredients.