The Butt Skin Care Duo: New Product Review

butt stick duo bawdy beauty

About a handful of years ago, Cannabidiol (CBD) started to become one of the buzziest words out there. Due to its wide array of benefits, it didn’t take long for this natural chemical to find its way into everything from cocktails and candles to clothing and chocolate. We should note: CBD is one of two main active ingredients in cannabis; tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the other. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive which means it won’t give you the high feels.

In general, research shows that CBD may be effective in treating anxiety, seizures, insomnia, and inflammation, among other conditions - well that’s super impressive! Turns out, our skin is basically designed to respond well to CBD.

Why is CBD so good for our skin?

As Dr. Cheryl Bugailiskis, MD, a board-certified pediatrician and cannabis specialist, explained to Bustle, our skin has a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors - the same receptors as CBD - making it a match made in hemp heaven. These receptors help to better regulate things like lipid production, which can cause acne. Additionally, CBD is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powerhouse; two properties all skin types can benefit from.

CBD vs. Clay Masks

The use of CBD in skin care is fairly new. Conversely, the use of clay in skincare has been around since the dawn of civilization. From being used to treat wounds in the Stone Age and a regular part of Cleopatra’s skin care routine, to a foundational ingredient in many of today’s quality masks, clay has a plethora of proven benefits for all skin types. 

Two note-worthy clay masks: 

  • Kaolin clay, in particular, is a gentle cleanser that removes excess oil, reduces signs of aging and irritation, and detoxifies the skin. 
  • Montmorillonite clay, named after its founding city in France, is known for its unique electrical structure, which removes impurities from the skin while reducing pore visibility.

OK, but what do CBD and clay have to do with one another?

The folks here at BAWDY have brought the hot-and-new together with the tried-and-true in our recently released Butt Stick Duo. Comprised of our CBD Butt Balm and Clay Butt Mask, the Butt Stick Duo truly ups the arse self-care ante. 

Used separately or together, these two are easy to use and unbelievably effective. Plus, if you’re new to the whole CBD thing and aren’t sure where to start with all the CBD balms, creams, butters, and lotions - relax man, we’ve got you covered. Below we dive into what each product in the duo does and how they can help elevate your booty beauty.

CBD Butt Balm

CBD Butt Balm Bawdy Beauty

Description: Our moisturizing CBD Butt Balm is made with CBD from organically grown, full-spectrum hemp that smooths and beautifies your bottom. Like seasoned butt sommeliers, we’ve paired this CBD with Mediterranean brown algae and hyaluronic acid for the ultimate in firming, plumping, and rejuvenating effects. 

Benefits: From the way it’s applied to the benefits it offers, this multitasking balm is a powerhouse product. Perfect to apply after a booty busting workout, it relaxes and soothes your glutes while simultaneously giving your butt a facelift with its firming and plumping properties.

How-to: For best results, start by applying the balm in a circular massaging motion all over your cheeks. Work it into your glutes, being sure to include the back of your upper legs (hamstring area) for a chilled-out, silky-smooth, and plump posterior.  

Clay Butt Mask

Clay Butt Mask Bawdy Beauty

Description: Our detoxifying Clay Butt Mask is made with French and ancient clays that purify and exfoliate. Refining and toning willow bark extract was added along with a dash of green tea extract and apple amino acids that work together to plump and hydrate your toosh.

Benefits: Derriere skin care doesn’t get much easier than this mask. Perfect for your butt that tends to get sweaty and irritated from clothing friction and restriction, our clays work to gently exfoliate, purify, and tone all skin types.

How-to: You’ll want to indulge in the Clay Butt Mask twice a week, or as needed. Start by applying the mask in a circular motion all over your butt, being sure to include the back of your upper legs (hamstring area) to purify and detoxify your derriere. Leave the mask on to dry - about 15 minutes - then simply rinse or wipe away with a warm damp cloth to reveal a soft, smooth, and firm backside.

Basically, the Clay Butt Mask is the yin to the CBD Butt Stick’s yang. And whether you’re looking for a balanced booty care regimen for yourself or a treat for someone else, the Butt Stick Duo is safe, easy, and effective.