Butt Facials – What Are Booty Facial Skin Care and Why Should You Get One?

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Have you heard about butt facials yet? These amazing skincare treatments are the next big thing in beauty—but what are they all about?

In this quick guide, we’re going to cover what a butt facial or booty facial is and what you can expect if you decide to go ahead and get one. Here’s what you should know. 

How Does a Butt Facial Work?

This booty facial luxury treatment targets a variety of butt skin issues. Like the skin on your face, the skin on your butt is prone to dryness, flakiness, loss of elasticity, firmness, and inflammation. 

The esthetician is going to take into account all of these factors before they begin treatment. After the evaluation, the appropriate technique will selected and applied. The treatment involves pinching, massaging, exfoliating, masking, brushing, etc, and when it is over, your butt will feel smooth, delicate to touch, and relaxed.

Three Reasons to Get a Butt Facial 

The same reason why you need a facial. To detox, to glow, to hydrate and rejuvenate. 

Now that you know a little about what a butt facial is, let’s delve a little deeper. You may be wondering why you need to get this type of treatment in the first place. Good question! So, what are the main reasons to get a butt facial? Here are three undeniable advantages to taking care of your booty with this amazing skincare treatment. 

1. Improve Circulation

Believe it or not, research suggests that cellulite is linked to poor circulation to your butt. With that in mind, one of the biggest reasons to get a butt facial is to help tackle the underlying problem. Your expert practitioner will use a variety of techniques. For example, Alina, of Skin by Alina, likes pinching. She uses a special soft exfoliate like powder that pinches the skin. This stimulates blood flow which plumps the skin. 

2. Avoid Buttne

Buttne–acne of the butt—is a common problem where small red bumps form on your booty. Butt facials can include cryotherapy, oxygen, ultraviolet lights and glycolic acid treatments to combat this issue. Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliator and perfect for removing dead skin cells on the butt that can cause unpleasant buttne. It’s the perfect butt acne treatment!

3. Get Healthy Skin! 

Let’s be real: the butt is the new face and we need to keep butt skin ageless and smooth. Someone once told me it is not always about the look but it is also about the feel and self love is about touch and loving your body! Plus, when you hit the beach this summer, you will be filled with confidence. Break out that thong and feel like Kim Kardashian! Your butt will look fresh and smooth.

What is Used During a Butt Facial?

What is used during your facial treatment is really dependent on your individual needs. You may like to use cryotherapy a few times a week. If butt pimples or breakouts are your biggest problem, you get those chicken skin patterns, then you may only need a monthly exfoliation and body scrub session with your aesthetician. This will work to get rid of any clogged pores on buildup your derriere caused by the sweat and dead skin cells that accumulate when you sit for long periods of time. You can also treat butt blemishes with cleanser and salicylic acid body wash.

Can You Do a Butt Facial at Home?



Galaxy Kit Butt Mask booty facial


Needless to say, you can book butt facials at selected spas and salons. However, your booty care doesn’t have to be confined to these places. Boosting your skincare while you’re at home is essential. So, what is a body mask and how can you use one? 

Peel off butt sheet masks are the solution to your at-home booty skincare. You can get Bawdy masks online and use them regularly to keep your butt feeling and looking amazing. From hydrating and toning sheets, such as our Bite It butt mask, to firming and illuminating masks, such as Shake It, there’s something for everyone out there.  

You can also do many things to ensure the skin on your butt stays fresh and bump-free. For instance, you could start using a beauty scrub, lotion, or moisturizer on a regular basis. Another easy way is to make sure you are always showering after sweating. Too many people wear their workout clothes after hitting the gym, which can be detrimental for the skin. 

The sweat is trapped on the surface of the skin and leads to pores getting infected and inflamed. Clothing like yoga pants trap moisture and make it more likely to get bumps. Cotton clothing breathes easier and is usually better for your butt skin.

Can I use a peel off mask every day?

Yes, you can use a sheet peel off butt mask as often as you would like. These powerful and effective sheets are a high-frequency beauty technique to help you to keep your tush looking plump, hydrated, and youthful. Plus, as a bonus, they may also decrease the visibility of stretch marks too.

Is it bad to leave a sheet mask on too long?

Ideally, you should leave your butt sheet mask on for around 10-15 minutes for the best effects. While leaving the beauty mask on longer won’t do your skin any harm, you should always follow the ‘how to use’ guidelines when using Bawdy products at home. 

Are peel off masks good?

Yes, yes, and yes! The Bawdy range of peel off butt masks are excellent. Each sheet butt mask contains powerful, skin-restoring ingredients that will give your booty some much-needed TLC. When you start using the masks, you may notice a difference!

How can I choose the right peel off mask? 

Choosing the right peel off butt mask can be as easy as one, two, three! Simply decide what results you’re aiming to achieve before you get started. Each Bawdy butt mask offers a variety of awesome benefits. Check out the range and decide which ones suit you.

Butt Facials – What Are They and Why Should You Get One?

The Takeaway! 

Butt facials are a core part of your skin and booty care. Treating yourself to this luxury every now and then will help you to truly care for your skin. However, you can also look after your booty in the comfort of your own home, using designated butt skincare like booty sheet masks, booty peel off masks or clay masks for acne.