Why It's Good to Have a Big Butt

Different types of butt shapes

What is all the fuss over butts? Thicc is the new word used to describe women who have curvy waists, large boobs, big legs and big buns. When we see the “ideal” body on social media, the booty is big and perfectly formed in thongs and bikinis. Women no longer strive to wear size two dresses and possess the ever elusive thigh gap (never mind that most women couldn’t physically have one, no matter how many pounds they drop), we want full-bodied ladies who aren’t afraid to flaunt it. 

It wasn’t always like this: we all know what it’s like to be in a department store with fluorescent lights showing every pimple, wrinkle, cellulite and ounce of fat. What person wouldn’t feel self-conscious when we live in a society that tells us our bodies aren’t worthy and glorifies weight loss over health? That in order to feel perfect and happy and complete, we have to lose weight and diet until we feel accepted by others, and not always by ourselves. We need to change that narrative and focus on health and happiness, not on how many pounds show up on a scale. 

Why Having a Big Butt is Good for Your Health

Medically, there are several benefits to having a strong butt. Our gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in our body, and one that manages to help us make the perfect squats, get through a spin class and still look fabulous in workout shorts and leggings. By embracing these parts of our body, we can begin to accept ourselves.  Your butt muscles take strain off of the muscles in your lower back as you do activities like walking. The stronger your glute muscles, the less strain happens on your back. A bigger butt and strong derriere also promotes a better posture for the same reasons it eases strain off your back. 

How Do I Grow My Glutes?

There are plenty of butt workouts you can add to your workout routine to maximize your gluteus maximus. If you're starting with home workouts, start with bodyweight workouts that require no equipment so you can focus on perfecting your form. Over time, you can add dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, or ankle weights to your lower body workout, but we recommend doing so under the instruction of a trainer after seeking the appropriate medical advice. Some of our favorite butt workouts include single leg deadlifts, hip thrusts, lunges, and donkey kicks! Make sure to do the same number of reps on your left leg as you do on your right leg, and try not to bend your knee beyond a 90-degree angle to protect your joints. Don't forget to warm up before your workouts with a quick cardio burst, and stretch out your glutes and hamstrings during your cool down. 

Are People Attracted to Large Butts?

Different types of butt

Some studies, like this one from Evolution and Human Behavior, studied the attractiveness of a curved spine. As it turns out, a large butt accentuates the curvature of the spine which may be a subconscious factor in attraction. In the study, roughly 100 men from teens to men in their mid-30's were asked to rate the shadow of a woman's butt in terms of attractiveness. The scientists found men preferred the curviest and shapeliest of butts. 

How Bawdy Helps You Love Your Butt

Bawdy is all about you giving back to your body, and spending a little time focusing on what you need: some TLC. When we push ourselves too hard in a workout class or we forget that this sensitive booty needs a break. You can always take one with a Bawdy butt mask.