A Quick Bite with Mia Davis

A Quick Bite with Mia Davis

Mia has been a leader in the movement for safer, more sustainable materials and processes since 2006. She is a "clean beauty" pioneer, having created and implemented the most meaningful standards in the industry (the Credo Clean Standard, Beautycounter’s Ingredient Selection Process, including its Never List). She is a friend and advisor to BAWDY. 


What is your favorite “bite”?

A farm-fresh egg cooked over-medium on top of toast, greens, a tomato... anything, really. Yum.

How did you “shake” the industry? 

I've been shaking since I was born, my friend! I ask hard questions, especially about safety and sustainability. I like to think of outside the box and work with others to create solutions.

What is the first adjective you think of when you think of your butt?

Useful. ;)

What does unapologetic mean to you? 

It means being strong, clear, and intentional even when others might find that hard to appreciate. Important to note, though: unapologetic does not mean being a dick.


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