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A Quick Bite with Mashonda Tifrere

Written by Sylwia Wiesenberg


Posted on June 09 2020

BAWDY Beauty A Quick Bite with Mashanda Tifrere

Renaissance woman, Mashonda Tifrere, is a portrait of courage and a change agent. Singer, songwriter, artist, and mother, Mashonda has fulfilled her calling to combat gender bias by empowering female artists and curators from around the world.


What is your favorite “bite”?

My favorite bite - extra ripe mangos.

How did you “shake” the industry? 

I shook the industry by turning a dreadful divorce into a successful blended family. 

What is the first adjective you think of when you think of your butt?

My butt is CUTE!

What does unapologetic mean to you? 

Unapologetic means living life fearlessly.


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