A Quick Bite with Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden

A Quick Bite with Lauren Goldfaden

OCCUPATION: Co-Founder of Goldfaden MD Skincare

Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden is the Vice President of Sales at Goldfaden MD, a prestige skincare line mimicking the radiant effects of the coveted in-office dermatologist procedures her father-in-law, Dr. Goldfaden performed by using natural, clean ingredients powered by plants. Lauren has played an essential role in building Goldfaden MD into an internationally recognized and respected naturally based skincare brand. Traveling the globe, Lauren visits Goldfaden MD’s existing retail locations frequently to conduct in-store staff training and meeting with prospective retailers to continue the fast track growth and awareness of the brand worldwide.

Lauren lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Rob Goldfaden, CEO of Goldfaden MD and two children.


What is your favorite “bite”?

Unreal” dark chocolate + peanut butter cup

How did you “shake” the industry? 

By shifting the consumers perception that clean beauty CAN BE effective. Goldfaden MD is the first dermatologist developed, naturally inspired skincare brand in the industry and we continue to tell that story and create product and treatment innovation in the clean beauty space.

What is the first adjective you think of when you think of your butt?


What does unapologetic mean to you? 

Truly accepting and believing in yourself  - being honest and pure to allow you to swim upstream and trailblaze your life and the world around you.


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