A Quick Bite with Lara Eurdolian

A Quick Bite with Lara Eurdolian Pretty Connected

Occupation: Editor, PrettyConnected.com / Beauty Expert + blogger / Entrepreneur

An international marketing veteran for the beauty industry, Lara is drawn to shiny objects, 80’s music, secondhand stores and Pomeranians. 


What is your favorite “bite”?

The bite into a fresh, perfectly ripe papaya or Williamsburg Pizza or the chocolate croissant bread pudding my local cafe makes. It's a tie.  

How did you “shake” the industry? 

By speaking my mind and trying new things! 

What is the first adjective you think of when you think of your butt?


What does unapologetic mean to you? 

Doing what I think is right with zero regard for what other people think.


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